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Saturday, January 7, 2017


Because it's nasty outside -- cold, snowy and gray, I've chosen to post fast facts about tulips, along with pictures I snapped in warmer weather. I've included more than 5 facts, since I have so many pictures! 

Hopefully this will take you away from a frigid Saturday into the bright sunshine...

1. There are over 150 species of tulip.

2. Tulips are part of the lily family. 

3. Tulips only bloom for 3-7 days in the spring. 

4. Tulips come in almost any color

5. To some, tulips blooming means spring has arrived! 

6. Tulips used to be an expensive flower, but no more. 

7. The best time to plant tulips is in the fall, so that the bulbs can take root before the winter freezes the ground.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy 2017! 

Here's a word search puzzle, using the names of the characters from my football romance books in the FIRST & TEN series. Print it out and enjoy! 

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

LATEST NEWS! Matt Jackson, Catcher #romance #baseball #sportsromance

The publishing of my series, Bottom of the Ninth, baseball romance, continues with the new release of book 2, MATT JACKSON, CATCHER.

A bit about the book:

Matt Jackson, clutch hitter, fielder extraordinaire, and team captain, is dynamite on the baseball field, but a loser with women. Or is he? He makes a show of coming on to chicks in bars, but always strikes out. Convinced being dateless is safer, Matt keeps his distance from women. Is he simply an insensitive chauvinist, or a crafty man hiding a secret?
Everything he believes in is challenged the day he walks in on a beautiful woman in the locker room. Dusty, the sharp-tongued spitfire, cuts the all-star pro down to size. Unwilling to accept second-class status, she challenges everything he knows about women.

Does a solo life make living with emotional pain easier? Drawn to the stunning, talented woman, Matt has a long way to go to win her trust. Getting close to Dusty is dangerous. Can he risk his well-protected heart? Matt faces a difficult choice -- will he make the right decision?

How about a little taste from the book? 

February, Sandy Key, Florida

Depressed after losing the World Series, Matt needed sunshine, which was in short supply in February in New York. In the weeks before spring training started, he’d agreed to head up a two-week camp for underprivileged kids. Matt wouldn’t be doing it alone, some joker, named Dusty Carmichael, from professional softball would partner with him.
The catcher sniffed. This asshole, Carmichael, was a pitcher. How good could he be playing men’s softball? The guy’s probably a fucking amateur and doesn’t know shit about baseball. It annoyed him to think he’d be running the show with little help from someone who didn’t know crap and was getting paid a bundle. He shook his head. Why did he always get stuck with the losers?
The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he got. He shouldered his equipment bag and headed for the locker room. He stopped at the stadium entrance and flashed his credentials to the security guard.
“That guy Carmichael here yet?”
“Yeah, but—”
Matt waved him away and continued on. At least the sun was shining. It was seventy-three degrees—perfect weather for baseball. Sure beat the twenty degree, cloudy day he’d left in New York the morning before. Arriving an hour ahead of time, he whistled as he strolled along. Matt had a thing about being late and showed up early to most everything.
He waved at the janitor as he pushed open the locker room door.
“You can’t…”
But Matt didn’t hear the rest. He looked up to see beautiful, long auburn locks hanging down from the head of a woman, who was dressed only in panties. She was bending over, brushing her hair, so he couldn’t see her face, and she couldn’t see him. At the click of the door closing, she snapped up straight, whipping her tresses back, so that they fell down her back and revealed the most gorgeous breasts he’d ever seen.
Her eyes widened. “Get out! Get out!”
Matt froze, his gaze locked on her chest before he realized what he was doing. He covered his eyes with his hand and backed toward the exit. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t know there was a woman in here.”
“Big fat lie, asshole. Get out!”
He peeked through his fingers, but the previous view was covered by her bare arms. He still managed to take in a middle with some ab definition and long, slender legs. Her white panties were almost see-through. Almost.
“Get out!”
With one hand, she rifled a gym bag at him, scoring a direct hit. Reaching behind his back, he found the door handle and was in the hall in a flash. Heat ran up his chest, to his neck and his face. The woman was stunning. He didn’t know if his flush was from sexual excitement or embarrassment. Maybe both.


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If you're looking for the free read, The House-Sitter's Christmas, has been taken down. Look for it to appear as a novella soon. 

Let's start fresh with a look at New Year's Resolutions:

1. The Romans made promises at the start of each year to their god, Janus, namesake for the month of January.

2. The idea of New Year's resolutions ties into religious practices, too. Lent, the Jewish High Holy Days, Christian Watch Night services and Christmas, itself, involve reflection, repentance, plans to do better. Or as we know it, New Year's resolutions. 

3. After the Great Depression, about 25% of Americans made New Year's Resolutions. That number has risen to over 50% today.

4. Almost half of the people making resolutions were as likely to succeed in achieving their goals as those who didn't.

5. A 2007 study showed that about 88% of those who make resolutions fail. But, hey! What about the 12% who succeed? 
Do you makes resolutions? I do. Just one and I keep it a secret.

Popular New Year's Resolutions:

  • Live heathly - eat right, lose weight, exercise.
  • Give up smoking, nail biting and other bad habits.
  • Be more positive - enjoy life more.
  • Get out of debt.
  • Donate money to the poor.
  • Make new friends.
  • Work harder at the job.
  • Read more.
  • Become more organized.
  • Get off of social media.
  • Spend more time with family.
Do any of these sound like you?

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Saturday, December 3, 2016


I will be posting snippets from my holiday books this month. This one, TUFFER'S CHRISTMAS WISH, is the first. This book is NOT a romance. It's a literary short story. 

The main character, Tuffer Demson, is from my First & Ten football romance series. His life story whirled around in my head until I had to tell it. I love Tuffer. He's touched my heart. I hope he will touch yours, as well. 


It all started when Tuffer Demson, defensive linebacker for the Connecticut Kings, met his biological mother on Christmas Eve. They broke bread once a year, during the holidays. Tuffer met her at the diner at  ten for breakfast. He called her by her given name, since he didn’t remember her ever being his mom. He had someone else he had called that for the past twenty-three years, and he liked it that way.
“Hi, Shayna,” he said, easing his six-foot-three-inch, linebacker body into the booth.
“Hi, yourself,” the blonde said. She eyed him up and down. “You’re looking good. Kings must be agreeing with you.”
“Yep.” These meetings were at her insistence. He could’ve cared less if he never saw her again. But his folks had taught him respect. Besides, it was only once a year.
“What’ll ya have?” the server asked.
Shayna always ordered a huge amount of food—the most expensive dishes too. A side of bacon and sausage with eggs Benedict. A large, fresh-squeezed orange juice. Maybe a sweet bun. She knew Tuffer’d pick up the check, and he always did. She didn’t make much as a waitress, and no one gets residuals on porno flicks, so he understood her need for a splurge—even if it was at her son’s expense.
In the beginning, he’d met with her hoping to find out who his father was. But Shayna had vowed never to reveal the man’s name.
“Think you’re going to the Super Bowl?” She added cream to her coffee.
“We’ve got a good shot.”
“You get a nice, fat bonus for winning, don’t you?”
He nodded and sipped his juice.
“A hundred grand?”
“Not quite that much.”
“Buy yourself a fancy car with that kind of money.”
“I don’t need a fancy car. My SUV is fine.”
“Sometimes, it’s hard to believe you’re my kid,” she said with a chuckle, shaking her head.
“My real mother and father don’t give a shit about stuff.”
Her eyes widened as if she’d been hit. “Got that right. They’re better ’an me. I know. That’s why I left you with them. I knew it’d be better for you.”
“Dumped me with them, you mean.”
“We’ve been over this a hundred times. Do we have to go over it again?”
The server brought their food. There was hardly enough room on the table for all that Shayna had ordered.
“Just be honest. You dumped me because it was good for you, not for me,” said Tuffer.
“I coulda left you at the police station. I picked a nice couple. Ran a preschool. Good with kids. You liked them. They liked you. Seemed like a good bet.”
“Good bet for who?”
“I was twenty. I wasn’t ready to be a mom.”
“And Bev Demson was?”
“Yeah. She told me about the car accident. That she couldn’t have kids. She was jealous I had you.”
“Mom has never been jealous of anyone a day in her life.”
“Yeah? Well, she was jealous of me. She wanted you.” Shayna cut a piece of the Benedict with her fork and put it in her mouth.
Tuffer pushed around the scrambled eggs on his plate. He hated going over this again, but he refused to let her weasel out of the truth.
“They used the lawsuit money to start the school. But she wanted one of her own. And you were it. It was perfect.”
“Perfect for everyone except me.”

“Haven’t you been happy? Bev and Ralph are great parents. A shitload better than I could’ve been.” She picked up a piece of bacon.

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