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Monday, October 20, 2014


Welcome! Thank you for coming.We have a picture prompt this week. I love those and the challenge of writing only 300 words. Here's another installment from my football series, First & Ten. We're visiting with Coach Bass and Jo Parker today. Thanks for coming. Click on the link below to return to the fine writers participating in Tuesday Tales.
 Jo Parker smoothed the silk of her deep purple dress with dry palms. It was one week before training camp. She’d dated sexy Coach Bass a couple of times, but it never went farther than a goodnight kiss. Tonight would be different.

The bodice of her dress was tight. It dipped low and was held up precariously by spaghetti straps. Of course, she wore no bra. She patted her hair, making sure the soft, touchable tendrils of her honey- blonde hair hung down. Her heels were spiked slides, shoes she and her college roommate used to call “fuck me shoes”.
Oh, yes. Coach Bass didn’t stand a chance tonight. Jo Parker was on the prowl and what she wanted, she got.
She pushed open the door of The Savage Beast, and smiled when a blast of cold air hit her. With her nerves on edge, the air conditioning would keep her from sweating.

She sauntered up to the bar, where the Coach was waiting for her. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her. She threw him a saucy smile and slipped onto a stool next to him. His gaze roamed slowly over her curves.
“What would you like?” His voice squeaked.
He ordered, then cleared his throat. She stifled a chuckle. Seemed like her form fitting dress was making the Coach nervous and she enjoyed every minute. When her drink arrived, he toasted her.
“To a beautiful woman. You look amazing. Casey’s for dinner, okay?”
Jo nodded, then leaned over, resting her hand on his thigh, giving him a tantalizing view of her cleavage. He stared at her breasts, while gulping his beer. 
“My place for dessert?” She whispered.  
Coach Bass almost choked on his drink. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Welcome. The word prompt this week is "letter". I'm back to posting a favorite story from the past that I am making into a book now. Thank you for stopping by. Please return to the great TT writers via the link below.
At nine o’clock, Santa’s Thrift Shop was empty, except for Giselle and her pug, Charlie. She put down her coffee and opened the envelope. In addition to her five thousand dollar bonus check, there was a letter. She read it carefully.

We’re offering to renew your five year contract, or since you want to
‘put down roots’, as you told me on
our last, meeting, we have another
option. We are expanding our design
business to offer online services.
We want you to head that up. You
could work at home and be
around the ‘special someone’ you alluded to.
Employees like you are rare, Giselle.
We’re hoping you’ll pick one of the
two options outlined in this letter.
Have a very merry Christmas and a

happy New Year.

Bill Stevens
Office Originals
She didn’t hear the bells over the door tinkle as Will Benson entered.
“You’re here early.” His voice startled her. She jumped in her seat and the letter fell to the floor. He stooped to pick it up. She grabbed for it, but he held it out of her reach, reading it as he raised it above her head.
“Give me my letter, Will.”
“Not until I’ve finished.”
“It’s a federal offense to steal someone’s mail.” Her mouth formed a thin line.
He offered the paper to her.
“You’re some hotshot, eh?”
“I never said that.”
“Your boss thinks so.”
“Maybe.” She turned her back to him.
“Are you going to do it?”
He pulled her around to face him.
“Go back to Europe.”
“What do you think I should do?” She cocked an eyebrow at him.
“Why should I care?” He shrugged.
She lost her breath as if he’d punched her in the belly. “You shouldn’t.” She squeaked out,
“That means you’re going to Europe?”
“I’m thinking of taking the online job.”
Silence filled the empty store. Will rested his hand on her cheek for a moment. Her gaze rose to his.
His gray eyes lost their cold, stormy look. His brows rose in a questioning stare. “Am I the special someone?”
“What do you think?” She crossed her arms and shot him a hostile look.
“Don’t play with me,” he said. 

Monday, October 6, 2014


Welcome! Thank you for coming.  The word prompt is "short". This week is a continuation of Buddy Carruther's story. He's a wide receiver who just saw his old, college flame again. This will be Buddy's last week as I get into writing his story in book form. Thank you for coming.

After the Kings’ victory, Buddy, their wide receiver, ran to the stands. He led Emmie to a quiet corner.
“There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” she said, stepping closer to Buddy.
He grinned. Kiss me, baby. 
The sound and the sting of a sharp slap on his cheek stunned him. He fell back a step or two, grabbed his face and stared at her.
“What the fuck was that for?”
Her eyes became sharp, emerald points. “For leaving me. Dumping me. The little nobody, wannabe singer wasn’t good enough for the pro football star, eh? Well who’s not good enough now?”
“What the hell are you talking about? You left me.” His eyes were wide.
“Stash told me you’d say that. And the way you’re whoring around.
I see the gossip columns. You’re sleeping with anything in a “D” cup that breathes. You did me a favor.”
She turned to walk away. Buddy grabbed her arm.
“It’s not like that. I’d leave ‘em all behind in a second for another chance with you.”
“Right. Sure. Like I believe that.” But a flush stole into her cheeks.
“Typical Buddy, long on bullshit, short on truth.”
Stash appeared and took her arm. “Come on, Emerald. You don’t have to take his shit.” 
“Oh, I get it. I get it now,” Buddy said, nodding as he rubbed his cheek. “You played us both, Stash, didn’t you?”
“Fuck off, Buddy. You’re history.” 
Buddy grabbed Stash’s collar, and drew back his fist, but Griff called out from the shadows, “Don’t, Buddy. It’s not worth it.”
Buddy spat on the ground. “You’re right, Griff. Drop dead, Stash.” 
The teammates turned and headed for the locker room. One backward glance showed Buddy that Emmie’s brows were knit, her lips compressed in a tight frown.

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Monday, September 29, 2014


Welcome! The prompt is "pretty". We're continuing with Buddy's Carruthers' story in First & Ten, football romance series. Caution: locker room language.


Buddy stood on the field with his hand over his heart, like his mother taught him, waiting for the national anthem. A female trotted out on the field and the crowd went wild. Buddy rubbed his eyes. 
His brow creased. He stared in disbelief.  “It can’t be.”
Tony Harrison, back-up quarterback stood next to him. “It’s Emerald. Shit, she’s hot.”
Buddy glared at him.
“Fuck it, man, she is. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t bang her.”

Buddy growled, “Shut the fuck up, asshole.”
“Okay, like you saw her first?” Tony raised his palms.
“You don’t know how close to the truth you are.”
Emerald began to sing. Both men quieted down. Buddy’s mind raced. A thousand thoughts flew by, like cuts in a music video. He had to see her, talk to her, kiss her pretty mouth.
She took her bow, and raised her arms to the crowd. He saw her head for the stands. The Kings won the toss and elected to kick-off. Buddy ran over to the celebrity’s box seats.
“Emmie!” He called. No answer. Asshole. Her name is Emerald now.
“Emerald!” She turned her gaze on him. He lifted off his helmet and took a knee. She gasped, then mouthed his name as their gazes locked.
Buddy’s chest tightened. He could hardly breathe, his heart pumped so fast he could hear it. His palms sweated, like a twelve year old at his first dance. He rose and walked to the railing. She reached out and he clasped her hand in both of his.
“Wait. After the game. Please. I need to see you. Talk to you.”
She nodded, her eyes brimming with tears. He lifted her hand to his lips, before returning to the bench. 

Friday, September 26, 2014


Welcome to the world of sweet romance. All intimacy is behind closed doors for sweet books. I have several. Here are some excerpts from my sweet book with Secret Cravings Publishing, UNDER THE MIDNIGHT MOON. Leave a comment with your email address and be entered to win a copy of the book.

Can a "sweet" book without sex still be hot? Judge for yourself. Here are a couple of  steamy snippets from UNDER THE MIDNIGHT MOON:
He cupped her head with his hand and pulled her lips to his. Her softness melting against him started a fire inside. He wanted more. He wanted it all. With his chest heaving, he eased away from her. Too fast. Too fast. Slow it down. “It’s late. I’ve gotta work tomorrow,” he said, pushing to his feet.
She lowered her lashes and nodded. With his hand under her chin, he tilted her head back so he could see her eyes. “Truth? I’m getting…uh…carried away. I should go.”
“Nice to know chivalry isn’t dead.” She took his hand and pulled herself up to standing.
“I want you, Mindy. Have from the first time I saw you,” he whispered, his breathing erratic.
“I want you, too,” she said.
“Let’s make love,” he said, burying his face in her neck.
Her hands slid over his shoulders and down his back, pulling him down on her. She brought her leg up, her mouth to his ear.
“Yes,” she whispered, closing her eyes.

He ran his hand up from her ankle to her knee to her thigh. Again she gasped. Drew pushed up on his arms away from her. He kissed the tip of her nose then sat up. After pushing to his feet, he extended his hand. She took it, allowing him to pull her upright. He led her upstairs to his bedroom. She closed the door softly behind her.  
Scampering up the steps at a good clip, she collided with Drew, who was exiting the bathroom, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. Mindy found herself with her hands on his damp, bare chest and embarrassment creeping up her neck. She stared at the firm muscles and the light covering of blond hair between her fingers. Glancing up, she noticed his smooth face. “You shaved.”
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