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Friday, February 28, 2014


Welcome to our first Academy of Romance Books Awards! Here's how to win. Adora Smutz and I have nominated characters from my books to win in each category. Each nominee gives a sentence as to why he or she should win.
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To be entered, you must select one winner in each category, post it in a comment with your email address, so we can contact you. 
Adora and I will select winners at random to win their choice of ANY of my books in ebook or pdf. This is a two-day event. A winner will be chosen each day. 

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Come back tomorrow to vote for BEST VILLAIN AND BEST SUPPORTING CHARACTER. And see who's won the SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD!!
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Don't forget to leave your choices for each category plus your email in a comment! Thank you for stopping by. Here are a few of my newest book covers.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Welcome back! It's picture prompt day on Tuesday Tales. And we are limited to 300 words. Here's another installment of my WIP

The Scent of Love
Jory eased herself into a seat at the big table in the library. Since her sister had turned over letter writing duties to her, she had come here to do it in privacy. With reporters coming in and out and the publisher breathing down her neck, Jory couldn’t express herself honestly.
Bryce had crept into her life letter by letter, almost unnoticed. He started as another burden, a responsibility she took over from her sister. Before long, polite chatter had become more personal. Bryce hinted at his life dreams as did Jory. They danced around the things that mattered most to them. Jory took a deep breath, deciding to be the first to confess.
            She wrote:
                I never wanted to stay in this dusty little town. After   college, I wanted
to go to Paris and write like, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. And maybe drink too much and have affairs with gorgeously, devastating  rakes. But my parents died in a car crash and I had to take care of my little sister. Now I can’t leave. But someday I’m going to do something more. What’s your dream? Do you want to stay in the military and become a general?
“This is where you’re hiding out,” a male voice said. Jory looked up into the frowning face of George Barton.
“What do you want?” She squinted.
“Writin’ a letter?”
“None of your business.”
 "You’re my girlfriend. That makes it my business.”
“Don’t pretend to be tough, George. This isn’t about you.” Jory looked down.
“I didn’t mean to make you mad. It’s Wednesday. Burger and beer night.” He looked at his feet. Jory sighed. She folded the paper and put it in her purse. “Let’s go.” He fell into step with her as they headed to the parking lot.

Sunday, February 23, 2014



AS: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome famous Hollywood Producer and notorious bad boy, Gunther Quill!
Gunther walks into the room, nods to the audience and sits down. 
AS: Well, well, Gunther Quill. *looks him over* you are a nice hunk of man.
GQ: Thanks. You’re not bad, either, Adora. If I were a single man, I’d give you a pop. Love older women.
AS: Really? Maybe we can get rid of Erica for an afternoon.
GQ: I see you’re wearing a wedding ring, Adora. What about your hubby?
AS: *blushes*, Shhh. What he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him. Herb and I have an ‘understanding’.
GQ: He understands you put the make on every guy you interview? *cocks an eyebrow*
AS: Where did you hear that? *starts to sweat*
GQ: I’m your biggest fan, Adora. I never miss your interviews. Besides, us guys from Jean’s books talk. You know what gossips men can be. And you’re a favorite topic.
AS: *bats her eyelashes* You men really talk about me?
GQ: Hell yeah! We’ve even got a bet going.
AS: A bet? About me? What is it?
GQ: The guys bet me you’d be grilling me about my sex life and have me running out of here in ten minutes.
AS: What? They’ve got their nerve!
GQ: That’s what I said. Nobody chases Gunther Quill out of anything. Besides, Jean said if I stuck this out with you, she’d put me in the next book in the Hollywood Hearts series.
AS: She did, did she? *hums to herself for a moment*. So tell me, Gunther, what’s it like to sleep with a gorgeous actress every night.
GQ: *bares his chest* Are you kidding? Getting between the sheets with Erica is every man’s wet dream.
AS: *stares at him* Really? Details. Come on, give. Women out there want to know what makes a sexy hunk like you quiver.
GQ: Not getting the third degree from a horny, married lady like you! Ask Erica. She’s an expert. *laughs* She’s gonna kill me.
AS: You think that’s the third degree? You ain’t seen nothing yet. *places hands on hips*
GQ: *leans over and kisses Adora on the lips* Now, now. You don’t want to do that, do you? 
AS: *Eyes closed* Hmm? Wha? You say something?
GQ: *Wicked grin and evil snicker* Gotta go, Adora.
AS: *Sighs and fluffs her hair* Do that again. I dare you.
GQ: *Shakes fist in the air* Jean, you’re gonna pay for setting this up. Adora, I gotta leave. Don’t want to keep my beautiful lady waiting.
AS: Gunther, I don’t know why they say bad things about you. You’re the best!
GQ: *Stands up, heads for the door* Never met the babe I couldn’t tame. See ya, Adora.
AS: Any time, Gunther. Any time. *swoons* 
GQ: Guys you owe me. Jean, I'd better get a BIG part in that new book for doing this.
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