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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


   Get rid of the house and sell the land. Bulldozing the broken-down mansion billionaire Stryker Alexander West inherited solves an annoying problem. Busy launching a new venture, he doesn’t have time to waste on sentiment. Getting a permit to take down the historic building should be a slam-dunk. But Stryker comes up against a stone wall in the form of Landmark chair, Jess Lennox.
   Supporting her brother and juggling a hard life, Jess refuses to approve the permit to take down the old house. No way will she let arrogant, wealthy Mr. West destroy her dream. Unwilling to accept defeat, Stryker’s confident he can prevail.  He insists staying in town is about winning and has nothing to do with heat from a determined blonde.
   Too stubborn to budge, Jess holds fast, struggling against her attraction to her worst enemy. Will the winner of the battle lose at love? 

A Pine Grove novel (book 3) is a stand-alone that takes place in the small town of Pine Grove. Here are a few excerpts:

“Do you mean to say that you are landmarking that house?” he asked.
“Damn right I am. Of course, I will give it further study. But as of right now, my recommendation to the Town Supervisor is that no one bulldoze that building.”
“But it’s decrepit. It’s falling down,” the stranger argued.
“Nope. It’s completely stable. And it dates back to the early 1800’s”
“That building now belongs to me and I’m planning to take it down.”

Jess’s heart skipped a beat. Sweat broke out on her forehead. Take it down? Destroy her home, her dream? No way!
“Think again, Mister. No one’s touching that house unless it’s to fix it up.”


She’d fought against the odds every day for the last twelve years. No reason why this should be any different.

“Listen, sweetheart, blocking the destruction of that old pile of junk isn’t a good idea.”
Bristling, she pushed past him, shoving him out of the way.
“Really, honey. Do the smart thing. Sign the demolition permit.
She turned, fire spitting from her eyes. “I’m not your sweetheart. I’m not your honey. And I don’t give a damn how many people bow to your money and power. I’ll never, and I mean never, change my mind. I’ll never give the okay to sign a permit to destroy that charming old place. So get over yourself and get out of my way.”
“We’ll see about that,” he said, a mocking smirk slapped across his face. He grabbed her arm and whirled her around. “If someone gets hurt in that old place. I won’t be responsible. It needs to come down before something bad happens.”
“No one’s going to get hurt in there. Hasn’t happened yet.”
“Look. I’ve destroyed men a whole lot bigger and stronger than you. So get out of my way.”
“Maybe you’ve destroyed men bigger, but not stronger. And you’re the one who needs to get out of my way,” she said, placing her hand on the truck’s door handle.
He stood so close to her, she could smell his spicy aftershave and feel the warmth of his breath. What was she doing, noticing his broad shoulders and perfect scruff? The man was a menace, a power-hungry monster with no taste and no regard for history or beauty. Still, there was something about him, drawing her. Her nipples tingled. She raised her gaze to his.
“Is there something about the word ‘never’ you don’t understand? Now move your sorry ass before I call the police.”
He jumped to the side with a slight bow to let her pass.
“This isn’t over, blondie. Not by a longshot.”


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