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Monday, January 6, 2014


Happy 2014! It's so good to be back. Here's another snippet from my WIP, Echoes of the Heart. 

Dale dipped her toes in the steamy, sudsy water in the bathtub. Hot! She waited a minute before easing her tired body into the bubblebath. God that feels good. As she lay back, her mind flipped back to the time she dipped her toes in the lake in Oak Bend. It was the summer before she went off to college. She and Cliff had been out to the drive-in, then for burgers. 
It was midnight. They crept along the dock silently, hoping not to wake up anyone in the houses hugging the small lake. The teens had no right to be there. Cliff stripped down and slipped silently into the water. He motioned for Dale to join him.
Sitting naked on the dock, covering herself with her arms, Dale dipped her toes into the water. It was chilly.
“It’s warm once you get in,” he whispered. “Come on.” He motioned for her. The moonlight shone off his wet hair, putting his face in shadow. Dale climbed down the ladder until she was submerged. Cliff joined her. They treaded water together.
“Grab the ladder.” He placed his hand on her waist and pulled her along. Once they were both steadied, he brought his mouth down on hers. She cupped her free hand behind his head while he held her close. A shiver of desire shot up her spine at the touch of his naked body against hers.
“I see you!” A drunken, female voice knifed through the air.
“Dammit, Mary Lou,” Dale whispered to Cliff.
“Don’t move,” Cliff responded.
They remained motionless by the ladder. Mary Lou picked up Dale’s bra and panties and twirled them around her finger.
“You’re here with Cliff. He’s mine Dale. Leave him alone.” Dale had a hard time not shouting out to the jealous girl.
“Not talking? Okay. Then you won’t mind if I throw your stuff in the lake!” Dale gasped, but Cliff tightened his grip on her. As promised, Mary Lou tossed the underwear in the lake. She laughed a loud, mean, intoxicated laugh and turned on her heels. The clothes sank out of sight.
Dale lay back the soothing bathwater and chuckled. The trip home was nothing compared to explaining to her mom where her underwear went. The next day she found a condom on her nightstand with a short note. Her memory was interrupted by a young, male voice.
“Mom? I’m loading your stuff in the car. Are you ready to go?” 
Back to the city? Am I ready? I don’t know. Will I ever see Cliff again? Probably not. The memory of that evening at the lake popped and vanished, like a soap bubble. Dale reached for a towel. “Coming!” She hollered, pushing to her feet.
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