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Monday, July 13, 2015


Welcome! This week is a picture prompt and a limit to only 300 words. Maggie's Story continues. Thank you for coming. 


“Penn, you’re fourteen, time you learned to walk your own dog,” John said, handing the leash to the teen.
“Do I have to?”
“You do, darling boy. Your mother would be proud,” Maggie said, opening the back door to their fabulous country mansion in upstate New York.
“Come on, boy.” Penn led Lucky, the golden retriever, out the back door. John tagged along behind with Maggie.
“Fine day for a walk, milady.”
They headed for a path lined with tall trees. Penn threw a ball for the dog, who promptly caught it and brought it back. He laughed as the animal wagged his tail.
“I love to see him with Lucky. Such a happy lad,” she said.
“That he is. Even though his father makes no time for him.”
“Hush. None of our business,” she said, taking his hand.
“Don’t make excuses for him.”
“At least he has his mother.”
“Until he takes her on this long vacation.”
“That’s a year away.”
“Why don’t they take the boy?” John steered them to follow in Penn’s path.
“He’s unruly. Teen, you know, John. What were you like?”
“Me? Perfect lad. Respectful. Honorable. Studious.”
Maggie burst out laughing.
“Can’t fool you, can I?”
“Okay. I did have one brush with the law. But only one.”
“Look at our boy. Easily the most handsome boy in his school. And the smartest.”
“Best athlete, too.”
“If his father only knew.”
“Probably better than his old man.”
“Certainly is.”
“Ever miss having our own?”
“Let’s not talk about it. We have him. That’ll have to be enough.”
John sighed. “Right, as usual. You know, the day you’re wrong the world’ll explode.”
“Silly boy!” She pushed him, playfully.
John kissed her hand. “My Maggie, smartest of all.”
“Married you, didn’t I?”