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Monday, July 9, 2012


Here's a snippet from a WIP called "Too Late for Goodbye", a military romance. 
             “I want him back.”
            “You heard me. I want him back. I only gave him to you…temporarily. A loaner,” Ariel Bowers laughed at her own joke.
            “Take a hike, Ariel. I’ve been writing to him for eight months…” Glory James, tossed her dark brown hair.
            “Writing to him as me…for eight months. He’ll never know the difference.”
            “Oh? I beg to differ. Sergeant Whitmore Carey is no dummy. Besides, you’ll never be able to copy my style.”
            “Style?” Ariel, Glory’s older cousin, raised her eyebrows.
            “Writing a letter about something besides shopping, shoes and the latest TV reality show. How blonde are you, Ariel?” Glory snorted.
            “I'm a natural blonde...I’ll write to him about sex.” Ariel’s haughty look wasn’t lost on her cousin.
            “Then he’ll surely know you’re not me!” Glory laughed. “Go ahead, take him. He’s more than an ocean away anyway…what the hell do I care?”
            Ariel narrowed her eyes.
            “Hmm. You’re in love with him aren’t you?”
            The telltale blush on Glory’s cheeks made out-and-out denial a waste of time.
            “Who has time to fall in love? I’m running a daycare center, Ariel. Uh…doing something with my life instead of simply throwing away my parents’ money on clothes. Unlike some people.”
            “You are! I can see it in your eyes! I’ll bet he loves you back, too. But he thinks you’re me! Sweet!”