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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


It's fast facts time again! Then there's a taste of GRIFF MONTGOMERY, QUARTERBACK. Who says football has an off season?  Here are some more fun and some surprising facts. 

Football Facts

1. Just two years after finishing their careers, approximately 78% of NFL players go bankrupt.

2.  Though football games usually last around 3 hours, the ball is typically in play for only 11 minutes. Around 56% of the game on TV is devoted to replays.

3.  In 1892, former Yale star William “Pudge” Heffelfinger became the first recognized pro player when he accepted $500 to play for the Allegheny Athletic Association.

4.  In an NFL game, as many as 75 minutes, or about 60% of total TV air time (excluding commercials), is spent on shots of players standing on the line of scrimmage, huddling, or just walking around between snaps.

5.  Injured football players in televised NFL games get six more seconds of camera time than celebrating players.
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A glimpse at Griff Montgomery:
Griff crouched down to scratch the dog behind the ears then straightened. “Time for bed.”

“I thought you already did that?” The unfiltered words flew out of her before she could stop them. Lauren clamped her hand over her mouth, but it was too late.

He threw a stern look her way.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to pry. It’s none of my business,” she prattled on.

“Damn right, it’s none of your business.”

“I’m sorry. Really. It’s just that you said…indicated…implied you wouldn’t be home ’til morning and I…well, I mean, here you are. And I wondered…okay. I’m shutting up now.”

“Good night.” He turned his back to her and headed toward his room, stopping in the doorway. “And ‘no,’ I’m not going to tell you about my date.”

Embarrassment choked her. She scrambled up the stairs, wishing she could disappear.


He wanted a wife. She didn’t want to get married – ever.  Not exactly a match made in heaven. Ten years ago, Griff Montgomery, star quarterback of the Kings and womanizer, became a stand-in father for his widowed sister’s kids. After they moved away, Griff wanted his own family. But where does a “player” go to find his ideal mate?

Having sworn off marriage forever, Lauren Farraday barely kept her life together after her divorce. With her career shaky and depression closing in, the last thing she needed was a courtroom battle with a sexy athlete.

Wary of Griff’s reputation with women, and hiding a secret, Lauren holds on to her heart.  Can the quarterback handle the truth or will he walk away, like he has in the past?     
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