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Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome to the SCP Villiantine's Day Blog Hop!


Welcome Imogene Nix! Here is her Villain!  (list of other villainous interviews at the end of this blog)
I entered the room, where Crick Sur Banden was waiting. It is dimly lit, so I can only see him in
a shadowy way. He is just returning to full strength after the Alpha Star Colony incursion and I
have been warned that he may be slightly…uncomfortable.
He waits for me, reclined on a divan and I am flanked by a team of guards, which I have paid to protect me.
Instead, I find a small and somewhat wizened old Ru’Edan waiting. His grey features are more pronounced than I had previously been led to believe. Well? Let’s get on with this. I don’t have time for vacuous questions and comments. I have plans to formulate, an empire to destroy and worlds to conquer.

Yes, yes, yes…sit down and get started.
1. Are you upset your name is not in the title?
What? No. I’m an evil genius and these kinds of questions are beneath me. In fact they are so beneath me, that I will not deign to answer this question. Next!
2. Why do you hate Duvall McCord and Chowd Sturat Sur Banden?
Well they both engender a level of hate and anger in me. Duvall McCord because he
came between me and my plans. Numerous times. Which is not acceptable. Creeping humans. Coming into our sovereign space.
Chowd. Well I may have sired him…but he’s is less than me. His mother was a human!
He is unclean. That makes him an unsatisfactory heir. But right now, he is the only
one I have. But he refuses to return and take his rightful place beside me.
3. Do you have a love interest or are you forced to be alone?
Love? There is no such thing as love. Females are only playthings and breeding stock. Nothing more!
4. Do you have any annoying habits your author did not share with us in your book?
I am perfect. I have no bad or annoying habits. Where did these questions come from anyway? Was it a human? Next!
5. Did you get the revenge you wanted?
Revenge? Revenge is such a small word. I’d rather see the annihilation of the human race. Once I get that, I will over throw the ruling senate…Are you here to spy on me? Guards!!
6. Are you happy with the profession your author chose for you and why?
I am going to liberate my people, and educate those who have been brainwashed. I have no simple profession. This is my gods given right. I will rule.
7. Are you planning to make an appearance in a sequel?
Without me, there can be no sequel. I am the reason for being. The only one who can…Yes, medic? You may pass me my Xeradax. Anyway. I am in every book in this universe.
8. Now for a personal question. Did you get any sex in the book? Was it enough or would you have liked more?
Sex? No. I don’t. Urrgh. All those nasty female earthlings? Can’t think of anything more repulsive.
9. Did you get to kiss the hero/heroine?
No? Who wrote these questions? You expect me to answer these?
Guards? Where are the guards?
10. Did you kill anyone? Did you want to?
Now, you’re talking. Yes, sit back down. As a matter of fact, I do kill quite a few. But mainly off the page. Duvall, Chowd and even Jemma get credited with more. But I’ve killed thousands over the years. Quietly. It’s a very fulfilling aspect to my role as rogue leader.
11. Did you spread any nasty rumors?
Do I spread nasty rumors? Do I look like a rumor spreader to you? Honestly, are we back to these types of questions again.
12. Did you lie?
Only as often as it gets me what I want.
13. Did your author listen to you when you tried to redirect her/him?
No. If I could get my hands on Imogene Nix…well…Mind you, I like the way her twisted mind words. There is lots and lots of
opportunity for just in time getaways.
14. Did you get enough time in the story or do you feel shortchanged?
No. I never get taken seriously. But I will change that. Once I take over the human species. I will take some as slaves. Yes, I’m thinking the crew off the Elector should be my first victims.
15. Do you want your story to become a series with you as a recurring character?
 Wouldn’t that be a fine thing. Yes, I think the entire series should be re-written with me as the central character. This time telling the truth about the subservient role those nasty dirty creeping humans would expect us to play. Highlighting my efforts at ridding the universe of all who would enter our space. Allowing me to dominate…I would take over the ruling senate…What was that? You have to leave? I’m just getting started.

 At the end of the interview, I was hustled from the room and placed on a shuttle. The guards then explained that he was more unstable than they had been led to believe and that the entire
time I had been there, I had existed in a dangerous sort of limbo.
For the record, no actual images exist of Crick Sur Banden as his concern for his safety, makes him paranoid, including that those outside his personal recruits. There are tales that sketches
have been made of him and that those have been circulated to members of the Alliance worlds and human empire.
We do, however, have images of offspring, obtained by stealth. None of his sons have survived apart from Chowd Sturat Sur Banden, however, we believe that there could be a daughter. Out
there. Somewhere.




Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Chapter Friday - First Chapter of Now and Forever 3, Blind Love

It' Friday again, time to post the first chapter of one of my books. This week it will be my newest release, Now and Forever 3, Blind Love. 
 Here is a bit about the book:

Can a handsome, charming, womanizing professor win the heart of a temporarily blind ballerina? Love comes to the university as Peter Caldwell, dashing Art History professor and accomplished pianist meets Lara Stewart, ballerina.  Peter can’t seduce with her with his devastating good looks because Lara can’t see. Obsessed with the one woman he can’t have, Peter has to learn how to love.
Sam Caldwell joins Peter, Mac, Callie and his grandchildren. Witty and attractive, Sam isn’t looking for a woman but finds love isn’t only for the young but the young at heart as well.
Small town secrets feed a blackmailer and blackmail on campus is paid with sexual favors. Blind Love is a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. This full length novel is three parts love and passion mixed with one part intrigue, stirred up with a twist of mystery and heated up to three flames. 

 The train station in Willow Falls, NY where Peter Caldwell and his father, Sam, arrived at the beginning of Now And Forever 3, Blind Love.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Interview with Elizabeth Black's Heroine in "Purr"!

Elizabeth Black's short story "Purr" is an erotic version of the fairy tale "Puss In Boots". She is expanding the story into a longer form in her upcoming novella "Trouble In Thigh High Boots". She would like to introduce you to Muca, the Puss In Boots character in "Purr". She would also like to whet your appetite in your first meeting with Tita, the Puss In Boots character in the longer version, "Trouble In Thigh High Boots".
  1.     Are you upset your name is not in the title?
Of course not. Don't be daft. If my name were in the title no one would have a clue what the book was about.  My name is Muca in "Purr" and Tita in the upcoming "Trouble In Thigh High Boots". There is a subtitle identifying "Purr" as a "Puss In Boots Twisted Tale" so that let's everyone know who the star of the book is. The same subtitle will appear with "Trouble In Thigh High Boots".

2.     Are you planning to make an appearance in a sequel? If not are you unhappy about that?
Not a sequel but an extended rewrite. I even have a new name! In "Purr", my name is Muca, which is Romany for "cat". It's not my real name. In "Trouble In Thigh High Boots", my name is Tita, which is short for "la gatita", which means "female kitten" in Spanish. It's also not my real name. I only tell my real name to my true love.

3.     Now for a personal question. Is there enough sex in the book for you? Would you have liked more?

I'm very happy with the sex in the book, especially the very kinky fetish sex I have with a farmer's wife. She, her husband, and I have been friends for a very long time. What kind of kinky fetish sex, you may ask? Let me put it this way – kitties like cream.

I have much more sex in "Trouble In Thigh High Boots". After all, "Purr" is only a portion of the "Puss In Boots" story. "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" tells my entire tale. Being a cat, I can be quite randy, so I have my pick of lovers, both male and female. But I have my eye on only one person. 
 4.     Did you author handle your “love” scenes the way you like or was she too explicit or not explicit enough?

Oh, she let me run amok in my love scenes! In several instances I had to leave her be so she could… how shall I say it? Tend to her own needs. Then we got back into the sexy action. I did get away from her a few times to really enjoy myself. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist so having her as an audience was an instant turn-on.

5.     Is you’re hero/heroine a good kisser?

Which hero/heroine are you talking about? I won't rank my lovers although I do have favorites. Each one brings his or her own soul to their kisses. And they make me melt.

6.     Are you happy with the setting? Did you want a bigger house or car?

Well, I couldn't exactly complain about the setting since my story is already a very old fairy tale. It's what I know. I love living in the country. I especially liked the cottages the farmers lived in. I'm always welcome in that village, and it pleased me to be able to help them the way I did in "Purr". You don't get ot see me vanquish the ogre but it does happen. Look to "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" for the entire story. In "Trouble In Thigh High Boots", I was able to refurbish the ogre's castle so that it looked like someone with pride actually lived in it. That was hard work but worthwhile. Then there is the king's castle. He's quite special to me in ways you'll see when you read "Trouble In Thigh High Boots".

7.     Were you happy with your wardrobe?

Absolutely! I chose it myself. I like wearing leather fetish clothes, especially my thigh high fuck-me boots. I look quite imposing dressed in those boots and a tight leather corset. Overall I'm not really all that concerned with clothing. I like being nude much better! I'm a cat, after all. Look at that nude book cover to get an idea what I look like. I'm a ginger, through and through.


 Click HERE for
 Elizabeth Black's Blog

Click HERE for Elizabeth Black's website.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Arch - 300-word Story to Go with This Pic

                                      "The Arch"
Taken from my current work-in-progress, "If I Loved You". 
 “Do you know the stone arch in the ramble in Central Park?”
“I try to stay out of the ramble, I always get lost there,” Megan confessed.
“Don’t worry, I know my way around. The arch is my lucky place.”
“Lucky place?” She raised her eyebrows and picked up her pace to match his long stride.
“I have visited the arch before every lucky break I’ve had.”
“And you’re going there for luck with your Broadway audition?”
Chaz laughed.
“Why else?” She asked, glancing at him as they slowed down.
“My secret.” He leaned over and planted a quick kiss on the tip of her nose.
When they reached Eighty-First Street, Chaz steered them to the left and they ducked into the park, passing the silent, empty Diana Ross playground, wending their way deeper and deeper into the shadowed parkland, dotted with benches and spring flowers in bloom.
She moved closer to him and he draped his arm around her shoulders. They wound around the maze of park paths with Chaz in the lead.
“You do know you way around here, don’t you?
“Told you.” He steered her to the left.
“Take many girls to the Arch?” Megan peered at him in the fading light.
“You’re the first.”
She slipped her arm around his waist and moved up against his side.
He stopped suddenly and pointed. Megan raised her gaze.
“How do the stones stay together like that?” She stepped nearer, staring at the structure.
He shrugged.
“No idea.”
“It’s a work of art.”
“One kiss in the arch, then let’s go.”
They got up, joined hands and walked under the arch. Chaz eased her close to him, his  lips found hers in a demanding kiss. They were so close together even a piece of paper wouldn’t slide between them.

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