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Monday, August 24, 2015


Welcome! This week, I'm starting a new story, actually the continuation of a story I started here some time ago. It has a new title and a few new twists. It's called "Unpredictable Love" and it will be the first in my small town romance series. 


Jory Walker headed down the flagstone path to the mailbox. She took out three letters. Two bills and one envelope that looked like it had been through a war. It had. The return address said:

     “SSGT. T. Stevens”

Anger bubbled up inside her. She made a beeline for the house, only to collide with her sister, Amber.
“Amber! What the hell?” She waved the envelope in her sister’s face.
“I just sent him one letter.”
“This is the fourth you’ve gotten from him. When are you going to write back?”
“It was a mistake…”
“You can say that again. Especially the part about you signing my name!”
“Laura was so convincing. I thought she meant one letter. Only one letter.”
 “She asked people to sign up to write to guys in the military. Not write only one letter and include a lewd photo?”

“It wasn’t lewd, whatever that means. Just me in a bikini. I’m not good at letters. Much better at pictures.”  Her beautiful redheaded sister with a Miss America figure grinned at her.
“And the reason you signed my name?”
“I always liked your name better. Besides, if he wanted another letter, I knew you’d write it for me. So it might as well have your name on it.”
“Don’t give me that bullshit smile. I’m on to you. And the answer is ‘no’.” Jory shoved the envelope from T. Stevens into Amber’s hand.
“Please? Pleeeaassseee, Jory. You’re the writer. Not me.”
“That’s right. You’re the pretty sister and I’m the smart sister.”
Amber nodded. “I don’t mean it like that. You’re so much better than me.”
“Than I.”
“Forget it.”
Amber’s jaw jutted out. “Okay. Disappoint some poor guy out there at war." She waved a photo in her sister's face. "Look at his picture. He’s hot, even with a buzz cut.”
Jory brushed the snapshot aside, but not without glancing at it.         
“He’s expecting you not me.”
“Yeah, the picture I sent. But he’ll never know. He’s in Afghanistan somewhere. Just write one or two letters, then tell him you got engaged.”
“What a mean thing to do. I’ve no plans to get engaged and I’m not going to lie about it.”
“That creep, Archie. Why do you go out with him?”
“He beats what’s on tv.”