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Monday, October 5, 2015


This week we have a picture prompt and a limit of 300 words. Here's another installment in my new book, Unpredictable Love, co coming out soon.
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Jory lifted her fork, ready to dig into her Aunt’s beef stew pie, but stopped short.
“I wonder what Trent gets to eat?”  She dug her fork into the savory food.
“Probably shit on a shingle,” Tiffany said, taking a forkful of the heart meal.
“Meaning?” Jory cocked an eyebrow.
“Crappy stuff. Yucky, smelly, disgusting.” Tiffany made a face and shivered.
“You don’t know. Can’t feed them garbage if they have to fight.”
Later that night, driven by curiosity, the older sister wrote to her military friend. In two weeks, she had a reply.

On base we get hot meals. Not like home, but okay.
Even fast food sometimes. In the field, we get MRE’s.
Meals, ready to eat. They’re pretty bad. Some parts,
like the bread and peanut butter and cookies are okay.
But the main course stuff is brutal. I got hungry
visualizing your aunt’s meat pie. Would you make one
for me when I get home?

“Aunt Nan,” Jory called from her attic room. They met up in the kitchen.
“Can you teach me how to make beef stew pie?”
When her aunt stared at her with narrowed eyes, the young woman explained.
“Sure. I can teach you. But when he returns stateside, how are you going to explain to him that you’re not Tiffany? Or rather, Tiffany isn’t you?”
“I haven’t figured that out yet. Maybe we’d better forget it. I mean, when he returns, this charade’ll be over, right? He probably won’t speak to me again, so I don’t need to learn.”
Nan grabbed her niece’s elbow and steered her back into the room.
“If it’s not this man you’ll be cooking for, there’ll be another.”
“I don’t think so. But what the heck.” Jory donned an apron.
“You give up too easy.”