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Friday, May 3, 2013


Perfect timing for Mother's Day. Get her a paperback. I have sweet romances in paperback and spicy. Let's look at flowers and sweet romances for mom first:

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Spicy Contemporary Romance

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The third book in the Hollywood Hearts series has just been released. It's a stand-alone book you can read without having read the first two. Here's a sneak peek:

Grant Hollings stood naked at the apartment window. Three a.m., no one can see me. He leaned his toned, tanned body against the window sash. The lights of the city didn’t distract him from the pain shooting through his heart.

I’ll never see her again. A lump formed in his throat, choking him, bringing tears to his eyes. He brushed his dark brown hair off his forehead, scratched his chest, then padded back to bed, lowering himself gently so as not to wake Carol Anne.

She stirred slightly in her sleep. Easing onto his side, his stare roamed over her. Moonlight kissed her, creating highlights that emphasized the perfect planes of her face. He lowered his gaze to her creamy shoulders then all the way down to where the sheet hid her from further perusal. She’s lovely. She’s mine. For one more day. A sigh escaped his throat as he slid closer to the young woman, the love of his life.

Moving up against him, she muttered something he couldn’t understand. Grant pulled her into his embrace, folding his arm around her naked body. He kissed her blonde locks and tried to fall back to sleep. He dozed on and off until the early autumn sun peeked in and woke him at six o’clock. The red melting into orange sunrise began the last day Carol Anne Brewster and Grant Hollings would be together before she flew to Los Angeles to star in her first film.

He rolled over and ran his hand down her side. So soft and smooth. She cozied up to him. He spooned her, nuzzling her neck and pulling the soft, fleece blanket up to shield them against the cool, October morning air. She shifted to her side then lay still. Grant loved cuddling in the mornings, before the outside world intruded on them with work obligations, acting classes, and court appearances. Now it was just Grant and Carol Anne.

He breathed in deeply, enjoying the sweet scent of her skin. Her looks, so breathtaking to the public, ran deep. Her inner beauty, and vulnerability which she bared only to him, had captured his heart. Forsaking other women, he cleaved only to her, which was a big deal for Grant Hollings, up-and-coming D.C. attorney and former heartbreaker.

  A Bit About the Book
Can true love survive anything? A marriage to another? A seven year separation?
Pregnant and alone, Cara stars in her first movie while Grant marries another. When felled by illness, she’s forced to give her child to Grant. Five years later, Fate strikes, reuniting them by chance. Will they discover that true love never dies?

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Monday, April 29, 2013


Welcome! The word prompt this week is "yellow". This is another installment in the continuing story. The civil lawsuit has been cancelled in favor of criminal charges filed against Hack. Now he's facing his court appearance. 
                                 THE RESCUED HEART

“He was speeding and reckless on that bike…” Rory spat out.
“The bike got out of control…I couldn’t help it. The breaks malfunctioned,” Hack returned.
“The breaks? Hah! It was you!” She pointed her finger at him.
 “Order! Quiet! Quiet!”
“But he…”
“Settle down or I’ll find you in contempt of court!” The Judge raised his voice.
 Rory slumped sullenly down into her chair.
“Your honor, I’ve been railroaded here…”
“Sit down, Dr. Roberts! The same applies to you.”
Hack’s face registered shock.
The judge tapped on his desk with his yellow pencil. “Gentlemen, please control your clients. This trial has become a circus. Disrespectful, out-of-control…outbursts. I’ve had enough. Now you’ll both listen to me…and the first one to open his,” the judge looked at Hack, “or her,” he turned to glare at Rory, “mouth is going to jail. Is that clear?”
 Hack and Rory nodded.
“Now! I believe I have the facts straight here. Officer Maloney made it clear. I’m ready to make my ruling. This is the third case of reckless bicycle behavior in the park in this court this month. I’m sick of arrogant bicyclists. Dr. Roberts, you have injured Miss Sampson to the point where she can’t make a living. So you’re going to pay her rent for three months.”
“What?” Hack said.
“Watch it, Doctor!” The judge warned.
Hack’s lawyer, put his hand on his client’s shoulder.
“And that’s not all. Ms. Sampson is also a writer. She cannot type with a broken arm. I believe you come from the Roberts real estate family, am I right, Dr?”
Hack nodded.
“Good. Now I could make you pay for a typist to come to Miss Sampson’s house every day. But that wouldn’t be punishment enough. That’s a walk in the park – if you’ll pardon my pun – for you. You’ll make restitution personally…feel it enough so you’ll never be careless on your bike again. So I’m directing you to show up at Miss Sampson’s apartment Monday through Friday from ten a.m. until three to type her book.”
“But Your Honor…I work, I’m a vet.”
“You personally, Doctor Roberts. You either survive without working for two months can go to jail for a year.”
“But your Honor…”
“I could make it three months…”
“No! no!”
The judge banged his gavel. “Okay, you want three months. You got it.”
“I’ve got to have him in my house for three months!” Rory exclaimed, rising out of her seat.
“One more word, Ms. Sampson, and I’ll cite you for contempt. You wanted help. Now you’ve got it.  Court is adjourned.”
 As people filed out of the court room, Rory sat glued to the bench, staring straight ahead. Hack, his head in his hands, didn’t move.
“You’ve ruined my life,” he moaned.
“Me?” She turned to look at him. “To have your arrogant, lascivious ass breathing down my neck…”
“I’d almost rather go to jail.”
“After a week with me, you’ll wish you had.”

Sunday, April 28, 2013


The Romance Review
Sometimes you stumble upon good news. I did when I found out that THE ROMANCE REVIEWS, had selected SUNNY DAYS, MOONLIT NIGHTS a TOP PICK a while back. Had to share this wonderful review with y'all. 
 5 Stars/Book Reviewed by Tiffy (reviewer)
Have you ever wondered what would happen if your first love showed up on your doorstep? Or if you could return to the happiest time of your life and recapture those lost feelings? Jean Joachim answers those questions in this novel with a riveting yet poignant love story.

Caroline Sunny White is trapped in a loveless marriage to Bradley White. Bradley is a multimillionaire who has made Caroline's art work famous by having it shown in all the hot galleries in New York and Connecticut. Caroline is fed up with Brad's three years of infidelity, but can't seem to leave even though her bags have been packed for three months. The last straw is when the owner of the art gallery holding an exhibition of Caroline's work propositions her saying that it was Brad's idea for him to approach her.

Caroline throws her packed bags in the car and runs away to the summer cottage in Willow Falls that her mother bequeathed to her. Because Brad doesn't know about the cabin, Caroline figures that she'll have time to decide which direction her life should take and when to start divorce proceedings.

Moving to the cabin proves to be a healing and enlightening experience for Caroline, who reverts to her nickname Sunny. She finds all her childhood paintings lovingly preserved by her mother, who never encouraged her daughter's artistic talent. She reconnects with the older couple who lived next door and in whom she confided all her childhood problems. Linda, her best friend, lives in the town close by and the two girls pick up their friendship as if they hadn't been separated for 20 years.

But the most amazing coincidence is when her childhood sweetheart, Mickey Foster, turns up in Sunny's bathroom. While taking a shower to wash away the dust of her trip, the hot water spigot came off in Sunny's hand, causing the water to become burning hot. Sunny called out and Mickey came to the rescue just like he did twenty years ago.

Mickey repairs the spigot and helps Sunny refurbish the cabin. Sunny finds out that Mickey is divorced with a 13-year-old son. Sunny begins divorce proceedings against Brad, but doesn't tell Mickey that she is still married. The divorce laws require a 3-month cooling off period, where there can be dire consequences if either party is caught in a compromising position.

As the cabin begins to become a home again, Sunny finds herself again falling under Mickey's spell. Mickey wants to move their relationship to the next level, but every time he presses Sunny, she backs away. Sunny is fearful that Brad will discover her hiding place and find a way to take his rage out on Mickey. Does true love win out? Does Brad get what he deserves? You'll have to read the novel to find out!

I absolutely loved this novel and cried at the end. The dialogue between the characters is so well crafted you feel as if you're standing next to them. I can't wait to read Jean Joachim's next book. 
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