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Monday, April 20, 2015


Welcome! This week we have this picture prompt. We're only allowed 300 words! It's a challenge. I'm returning the Maggie's story for a short interlude. Thank you for coming. Click on the link below to return to Tuesday Tales and read the fine stories there.
Maggie walked down the road that abutted the Roberts one hundred acre estate in Sumner, New York. Though only an hour and a half north of the City, Maggie found peace walking the rural paths and streets. It reminded her of home. She missed the fresh air and unhurried attitude. 
   They had been encamped there since the first of July. The rambling Victorian house was quite comfortable. The kitchen was well equipped, the garden bursting with ripe vegetables and the market stocked with fresh local eggs and meat. Cooking there had been a joy.
    John drove Mr. Roberts up every evening and back again in the morning.  He was devoted to his wife and son and refused to spend a night without them. Watching the couple hold hands, take long walks and get lost in conversation over cocktails made Maggie sigh. They were the love story she had always dreamed of.
    The only sour note was that pesky driver, John. She sensed that he was always watching her. One lazy afternoon, she stole outside for a stroll down Bear Camp Road. When she heard footsteps behind her, she stopped.
     “You walk this road often,” John said, coming up behind her.
     “What’s it to you where I walk?” Maggie turned a hard eye on him.
     “It’s not safe alone.”
     “One minute you think I’m nippin’ the silver, now you’re worried about my safety?”
      Before she could go on, the tall man leaned down and pressed his lips to hers.  Maggie jumped back and slapped him hard across the face.
      “You’ve some nerve! Get away from me.”
      She headed back to the house with John beside her. He rubbed his cheek.
      “You had it coming. Hope it was worth it,” she mumbled, eyes straight ahead.
      “It certainly was,” he chuckled.