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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Here's the cover for the next book in the Hollywood Hearts series, LOVE'S LAST CHANCE (book 5). What do you think?
Here's a bit about the book:
Dorrie Rodgers left three men behind in New York when she moved to L.A. to dance the lead in a movie. Engagement to a powerful producer made her life complete. But an accident ended both her career and her engagement.

After three years of struggling along teaching yoga, Dorrie is hired to choreograph a movie. Wanting to share her joy at this fabulous chance to resurrect her career, she is determined to end her single status.  

Questioning her decision to leave each of three attractive men five years ago in New York, Dorrie returns to the Big Apple for one more day with each. Was she hasty in her decisions to leave them behind? Will one of these men make her change her mind? Will her return to the past bring the love she is seeking or will loneliness propel her back into the arms of the one man who broke her heart? 
Coming out in two weeks.
Have you read book 4, MOVIE LOVERS? 
A bit about the book:

Can revenge turn to regret? Humiliated by a slick producer and her sister’s co-star, Grace uses the Internet for payback. But the scheme turns sour, robbing Grace of the only happiness she’s known since the death of her beloved mother. Can she regain her self-respect as well as the respect of the man she loves and rebuild her life?   

Monday, August 12, 2013


I'm exploring a little bit of a new series to be published by Secret Cravings in 2014 called The Monday Night Dinner Club - or some such -- in this week's picture prompt. We're in one of my favorite places on Earth, Fire Island. 


Bess Hastings stooped to pick up the abandoned sandals. Rory’s always forgetting things. An absent-minded writer. Bess smiled as she stood by the steps, staring at the sea. Fire Island was one of her favorite places on Earth. 
 The cottage in Fair Harbor she inherited from her parents only had two bedrooms but it was big enough to house Bess and her three best friends, members of the Monday Dinner Club.

The breeze from the ocean cooled her enough so that heat from the hot July sun wasn't unbearable. The crashing waves soothed her, but not enough to remove Wyatt Jamison from her thoughts. He’s a famous New York newscaster. What would he want with a plump baker? Plump? Maybe chubby is more like it. 
Still the image of him locked out of his Manhattan apartment across the hall from her remained.There he stood, all six-foot one-inch of him, dark almost black hair, still wet from the shower. 
A fluffy white terry robe belted around his waist. Bare feet and legs indicated he wasn’t wearing anything else. She shivered. Gray eyes implored her help, so she let him use her phone and wait in her apartment until someone came to unlock his door. Usually loquacious, Bess could hardly speak, responding to his questions with one-word answers.

“Hey, Bess! Bring my shoes,” Rory called. Jolted

from her reverie, Bess wandered down the wooden 

path to join the group. The sight of her three friends 

stretched out on towels on the sand brought warmth 

to her heart. Miranda, Sandy and Rory. What would I 

do without them? Forget Wyatt Jamison. He’s out of 

my league. Quickly engulfed in the chatter of the 

women, Bess filed the sexy newsman in the never-

to-be-dated department, then plopped down next to 

her pals.
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