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Monday, June 4, 2018

SANDY & RAFE: SECOND PLACE HEART - new book in the Echoes of the Heart series #romance #secondchance


A bit about the book: 
   Torn between two men proposing marriage, Sandy accepted Lyle, and moves in with him.  After months of watching their love slip away, she thinks things couldn’t get worse. Wrong.  Sliding from heartbreak to humiliation on national television, Sandy becomes gossip fodder from coast-to-coast. Deserted by family and friends, she suffers the consequences of her mistake alone. After all, life doesn’t offer up second chances, does it?
   Devastated when Sandy turned him down, Rafe couldn’t stop thinking about her. Witnessing her hideous public spectacle, his heart aches. How he wishes she had selected him. But it’s too late, now. He’s heading for a job in England in a few weeks. There’s no time for a second chance. And, as everyone knows, wishes don’t come true, do they?  

A taste...

Eleven months ago. Behind the scenes at the reality TV show, Marriage Minded.
“Lyle, Rafe, Lyle, Rafe? Bill, help!” Sandy moaned into the phone.
“Okay, give me the shit on these guys,” her brother Bill said.
“Lyle is in real estate. He’s funny, nice, and keeps talking about our future. He wants to renovate old buildings in Detroit and start a renaissance there. He said we make a good team.”
“Sounds good. And the other guy?”
She sighed. “He’s so sweet. He’s French Canadian. He’s an architect. I think he really loves me.”
“Architects don’t make crap. Real estate is where the money is.”
“But Rafe…”
“You asked my opinion. So, you like this Rafe guy better?”
“I did, until Lyle told me Rafe only went on the show to get his green card.”
“What? Fuck that. Easy choice, Sandy. Dump the Rafe guy. That’s all you need, a guy who sleeps with you for six months, gets his green card, and takes off.”
“He doesn’t seem the type.”
Bill snorted. “Yeah. Right. Like an asshole like that is gonna show his hand?”
“But he’s been so nice.”
“Who do you love?”
“Both, I think.”
“One more than the other? Come on, Sandy. No one loves two guys exactly the same.”
“Guess I’m leaning toward Rafe.”
“Mr. Green Card? Forget it. If you think you could do marriage with this Lyle guy, then pick him. The other one looks like a phony.”
“Thanks, Bill.”
“Hey, what are brothers for?”

At the final ceremony, Sandy said “yes” to Lyle’s proposal. It broke her heart to see Rafe cry. He turned away from the cameras and shielded his eyes with his hand. Sandy hugged him and walked him to the limo. Guilt washed over her until she reminded herself that he was simply seeking a green card and not a wife.

Doubts about his reasons for being on Marriage Minded nagged at her, but would asking him directly get her the truth? She doubted it. Of course, he’d lie, then act offended she’d questioned his motives, spouting on about his true love and how he only had eyes for her. No man would admit to such low motives on the show—in front of the cameras, anyway.

What a cynic she’d become! She had to do the right thing for her, no matter what. Lyle would provide a stable future. At least that’s what he said, and her brother had agreed. Their arguments swayed her. Why, now that she’d said “yes” and Lyle was prancing around like a prize-winning rooster, did she not share his joy?

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