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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Welcome! Today's post continues with Buddy and Emmy's story to be published in the First and Ten series. 


“Those assholes chased her away, didn’t they?” Buddy turned to Gert.
“Guess so. She was mighty upset. They kept bugging her.”
“Emmy hates bad publicity.”
Gert patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, Mr. Buddy. She loves you.”
He smiled. “Ya think so?”

Gert picked up her bag and hoisted it to her shoulder. “Damn right I do.”
He laughed and walked her to the front door.
Watching her fight her way past the reporters, Buddy sighed. It will always be like this for us, won’t it? Always be people prying into our lives. Will we ever have a life?
Buddy finished the last of his coffee and stepped away from the window. He placed his cup in the sink and changed his clothes. After stretching to loosen his muscles, he opened the door.

He jogged past the newsmen and women who chased after him for a few feet. Buddy stepped up his pace, leaving them in the dust. He focused on the changing leaves on his neighbors’ trees as he zipped past, heading for the trail in the woods.
Once he was out of sight of the nosy news teams, he slowed. Stopping to catch his breath, he cleared his mind, preparing to think about the new plays Coach Bass and Griff had cooked up.
But thoughts of Emmy returned, crowding out football. He leaned on his knees, dropping his head. The feel of her skin made his fingertips tingle, the sound of her laughter echoed in his brain.
He resumed his run. Getting into his stride, thoughts of the new play the Coach had named “panhandle” returned. I need to forget her. Focus on football. Who knows if we’ll be together when the new year comes? No time for love now.