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Thursday, April 3, 2014



Cheralyn, Mona Livsey, Brenda Wheeler, Laura Lasky, Christine Merritt! CONGRATULATIONS!

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. Am I a FOOL FOR LOVE? Absolutely! I spend my days writing and thinking about love. I will be giving away 5 copies of IF I LOVED YOU on Sunday night.  To enter, leave a comment with your email address. Add "yes" if you wish to receive my newsletter. Here are some snippets from the book:

 “I don’t give a damn you’re famous, okay. Can we get that straight? I’m not impressed, not going to grovel at your feet..."

“Let’s do it right,” he whispered as he drew her into his arms. He lowered his lips, moving them over hers slowly while she melted. He coaxed her mouth open to receive his tongue. Wooed by his charm, her resistance vanished. When he drew back, she was breathless. 

 A Bit About the Book 
Does love always mean total truth? Successfully shunning the limelight, Megan Davis kept her family secret safe. Disrespectful of tabloid superstars, Meg was shocked when selected to launch a celebrity division in her investment firm. Gorgeous, magnetic movie star, Chaz Duncan valued privacy above all else. Drawn to Megan for more than financial advice, will he share a secret or continue his high profile but lonely existence? Jealousy, deceit and scandal threaten two careers and the quest for true love and trust in this roller-coaster-ride contemporary romance.         

Fresh-faced quarterback Mark thinks he’s scored a touchdown after winning actress Penny Thatcher’s affection. But a public revelation soon threatens his chances…. Is love the one game he can’t win? A charming will-they-won’t-they romance.

Callie Richards led the life of a typical teenager until tragedy turned her world upside down. Rootless and lonely, she wanders into the life of Kyle Maine, a handsome young man who befriends her. Their friendship grows into love that thrives over the years until Kyle makes an unexpected choice in this emotional and sensuous prequel to Now and Forever 1, a Love Story. 

Monday, March 31, 2014


Welcome to my Tuesday Tales story. This is a new story, a new WIP that will someday be a book. Thank you for coming.
Evan Montgomery hugged his niece, Kathy, for the last time.
“Not so hard.”
“It has to last you a long time, young lady.”
“Aren’t you coming to visit soon, like you promised?”
"We’ll see.” She made a pouty face.
“You always say that when you mean ‘no’.” She stamped her foot and crossed her arms.
“Katherine Marie Thomas, have you walked Pookie and given your suitcase to Ian? Her mother, Tina, shooed the fourteen-year-old outside.
“Where’s Joey?” Evan looked around the living room, a few pieces were on their way to San Francisco, making the room feel incomplete. Nina had remarried. Her new husband, Ian Emerson, had taken a position with Global Tech Systems and was taking his new family with him.
“It’s Joe, now, Uncle Evan.”
“Oh, yeah. Sorry, sorry.” He ruffled the fifteen-year-old’s hair. At six four, Evan stood almost a whole head taller than the teen. Evan pulled the boy to him for a quick hug. Tears stung at the back of his eyes.
Ever since Jack Thomas had died on 9/11 in the World Trade Center, Evan had taken over and become a father to his sister’s two children. Reparations to the family, as well as Evan’s salary as starting quarterback for the Connecticut Kings, kept them in style while they recovered from their stunning loss.
“Please check on your sister. She’s supposed to be walking Pookie.” Joe nodded,waved to his uncle and left.
“Now, you, Mister.”
"I’ll be fine, Tina.”
“I want you to have your own life, for a change. Get married, have kids.”
“Wave your magic wand and make miss perfect appear,” he chuckled.
“Mom! Come on. We’re ready,” Joe called.
Blinking rapidly, Tina hugged her brother. “Thank you doesn’t cover it, Evan. I…I…”
"I know,” he said, patting her on the back.

In an instant she was down the stairs, behind the wheel, and pulling the overloaded car out of the driveway. Evan stood at the window. He raised his hand and rested it on the glass.
A pain shot through his chest. His breathing became shallow as a lump in his throat cut off his air. The silence overwhelmed him.