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Monday, November 30, 2015


Welcome! This week we had a choice of two picture prompts. I chose this one for the continuation of Trunk's story. We are limited to only 300 words with a picture prompt, making it a challenge. 
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    Trunk sat at a table in The Savage Beast cradling a beer and staring at the fire in the fireplace. If he hadn’t been sitting alone in a bar, it might have been a romantic setting. He narrowed his eyes and imagined a glass of wine joining his own, an ottoman, a loveseat and a willing woman.
   Willing woman. Someone he hadn’t encountered in a long time, despite being married. Mary had retreated from their sex life some time ago.  Trunk missed it and romance, too. Gone were the dinners holding hands at The Sweet Magnolia. Mary had her life and he had his. He did have a life, didn’t he?
   He sat back, ignoring that unanswered question and letting his imagination loose. As the sweet scent of the burning wood met his nostrils, he raised his hand. Carla, the barkeep ambled over.
   “Red wine, please?”
   “Sure.” She returned and set it down in front of him.Trunk stretched his legs toward the fire, letting the heat warm the soles of his shoes as he took a sip of the dark red liquid. 
He folded his arms across his impressive chest and tried to conjure up the image of a woman to complete the scene. His mind thumbed through the myriad images of strippers from the clubs he’d frequented when on the road. He could remember bodies, but the faces were a blur. A voice interrupted his reverie.
   “Will that be all, Al?”
   He looked up into Carla’s beautiful, dark eyes. She was the only one who called him by his given name.
   “Yeah. Thanks.”
   She put a check down on the table. Trunk gazed into the fire as an image of the dream willing woman came into sharp focus --gorgeous Carla Ricci, proprietor of The Savage Beast.