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Monday, November 24, 2014


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. This is a scene from my new series, First & Ten. This is wide receiver, Buddy Carruther's, story. You'll be seeing Buddy and his mom here. Hope you like it. Feel free to lave a comment. Back to Tuesday Tales HERE 
“Twenty grand?”
“It’s your money, Buddy. You’ve earned it.”
He rolled the card over and over, staring at it.
“Just don’t lose it.”
“I won’t, Ma,” he replied, reaching into his back pocket for his wallet.
 “You’re not just skirt chasing, are you?” She glanced up from her task.
“This is serious.”
“Good. ‘Cause you’ve done enough of that. Time to settle down. You’re almost twenty-eight.”
“I know. She’s the one I’ve been waiting for.”
“I always liked Emmy. A shy one, but smart.”
“Yeah. She’s still great. This time I’m not going to be a jerk.”
“Well for Christ’s sake, I hope not!” Verna gave her head a brief shake. “Dinner’s ready. Wash up.”
Buddy washed his hands in the kitchen, then returned. He sat down and bowed his head while his mother said grace. One slice into the meat told him it was done just the way he liked it.
“Ma, you’re incredible, you know that?” He stuffed a piece of steak into his mouth.
Verna blushed and sliced hers into smaller pieces. “Aw, Buddy.”
 “No. Really. You are.” He squeezed her hand.
“I only want you to be happy.”
“I am, Ma. I am. And when Emmy and I get together, life will be complete.”
“Wish your dad could have been here to see your success.”
“Me, too.”  
Verna teared up for a moment. She fanned the air in front of her face for a second, then smiled. “You’re the best son in the world.”
Buddy grinned. They don’t make them like her anymore.
Verna dug into her salad. “So tell me. What’s the strategy for getting around the Nevada Gamblers?”

Thanks again for coming.