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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


There will be 4 books in this series. These books combine romance and the love of pugs and dog rescue. Four women meet in Central Park where they're walking their pugs. The women, Bess, Rory, Brooke, and Miranda, and their dogs hit it off. Bess is a baker who has a cable TV baking show. She has leftovers from rehearsals, so the ladies agree to meet at her house once a week for dinner.
They meet every Monday, share their triumphs, their sorrows, lean on each other for help and advice. Rory, is a pug rescue volunteer. 

My rescued pug, Homer

I have pulled on my knowledge and experience during the five years I was a pug rescue volunteer. I loved the work, but it was sometimes harrowing and sad. More often, we had happy endings. I love writing about 

hilarious dogs, and 
 about dog rescue, as well as romance. These ladies have become very real to me as I take a journey through each of their lives.

 The first two have been published:
Rory's story.

While walking her pug in Central Park, Rory Sampson is run down by a bike. She presses charges against arrogant biker, Dr. Hack Roberts, veterinarian. He plans revenge, only to find himself attracted to the sharp-tongued, soft-hearted writer, who rescues pugs. Will he ignore a previous commitment and voice his true feelings?   
 Here's a snippet:

“Someday, I’m going to go into a major charley horse from that desk. Every muscle in my body is going to spasm.”
“I’ll call 911. Every muscle?” She cocked an eyebrow at him then reveled in the blush that colored his cheeks.
“You know what I mean.”
“Come on. I’ve got something new I made.”
“Do you have the number for the poison control center handy?’
“Very funny.” She retrieved two small potpies from the fridge.
“What’s in there, the body of your last boyfriend?” He chuckled at his own cleverness.
“If you don’t stop, I’m going to give yours to Baxter!” At the mention of his name, Baxter jumped down from the sofa and thumped over to Rory, bumping his splint rhythmically on the wooden floor. She pulled a treat out of a bag on the counter and fed it to him.

 Bess's story

Gorgeous, marriage-phobic, Whitfield Bass is involved with two women. When he runs into his neighbor, Bess, the sexy baker across the hall tempts him. She turns her nose up at the handsome womanizer. Involved with an undercover cop, Bess is not interested in a player like Whit. Will chemistry, cooking and pugs change their lives?
 A Snippet 

Eyes that had been cool at their first meeting were still a clear gray, almost translucent, but now they stared at her with a heat she didn’t expect. His gaze traveled slowly over her body, leaving the sensation of a caress from a warm hand. Does he have x-ray vision? I feel naked.
He raised his glass. “To the queen of mocha magic.” 

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