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Friday, October 11, 2013

We Need a Little Christmas!

I'm sharing a dab of Christmas today. 

 CHAMPAGNE FOR CHRISTMAS is a full length novel for only $1.99. Get in the spirit, laugh, cry and love with Nina and Clint. The book begins in the summertime and ends after Christmas. Here are a few excerpts to get you in the mood.
She rushed up to the tiny counter with the napkin holder right as a tall, good looking man holding a double mint chip cone turned. They collided. His ice cream fell onto her chest, causing her to gasp at the shock of cold against her skin. She looked up into his light brown eyes as she reached for the melting ball of ice cream. He grunted and slipped one arm around her to keep her from losing her footing. She stood wobbling, mesmerized by him; he was almost a whole foot taller than she with light brown hair and shoulders a mile wide. Nina shifted the ice cream ball from hand to hand, not knowing what to do with it.
“I don’t think you can put that back on the cone. Maybe the garbage?” He suggested with a grin.

“Nothing old about you,” he said, sweeping his gaze down to her waist and back to her eyes, lingering on her breasts for a moment.
His eyes connected with hers producing a spark of electricity in her, heating her cheeks. While his gaze held hers, he slowly smiled as if seeing her for the first time. Feeling a spark of desire from him, she blushed deeply and her mouth went dry as his gaze settled on her lips.


“He’s a lot younger than you are.”
“I know, Fran, I know, eight years. But I’m not in love with him…a little crush maybe. He’s attractive…like…you know, a little flirtation. I’m sure he doesn’t feel the same way, we’re just friends. I’m not going to get hurt…how can I? I’ve got no expectations but can’t I have a little fun?” she confided pacing the bedroom.
“Be careful. Guard your heart, babe. Okay?”
“I’ll be careful,” she agreed, to mollify her friend.
It’s already too late to be careful.

 She put her finger on his lips and he stopped talking. Her hands grasped the lapels of his shirt and pulled him down to her. She closed her eyes and his lips found hers again. A soft kiss progressed to a passionate kiss as she melted in his arms. He angled his head and deepened the kiss. Nina relaxed as he pulled her flush up against him, crushing her breasts into his chest. She drove all thought from her mind and allowed her senses to take over. He tasted like champagne and smelled woodsy.

With Christmas only two weeks away, Nina finished her menu planning and began wrapping presents. This was her favorite part. She opened a bottle of wine, put on Nat King Cole’s Christmas album and pulled out the beautiful new paper she bought at Saks and some tape. The violin was big and hard to wrap but other gifts were smaller and easier. She got the violin out of the way, then wrapped the fancy red ink pen and the cashmere jacket she bought for Clint. 
To find out the rest, I'm afraid you'll have to buy the book. It's only $1.99 in ebook and available in all formats here, on my website, click here: Champagne for Christmas

Monday, October 7, 2013


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's word prompt is "evergreen". This short piece is from my WIP, Echoes of the Heart.
Last week, Joe found his mother's high school picture in his boss', Cliff's, wallet. He wants and explanation. 
Echoes of the Heart

Dale put down the phone. She didn’t want to talk to Joe, to explain the complications in her life. She didn’t want him to know about Cliff. She grew restless. Slipping out of the house, she wandered down the back of the property to a grove of evergreen trees. Now that Cliff was back, every nook and cranny of the house and town refreshed a memory of them together. Dale had been a tomboy. Her spindly, bean-pole body had been athletic and agile.
She often climbed the pine trees, hiding among the branches, watching birds and spying on people below. Cliff had attended the same elementary school. They’d been friends, had adventures hunting frogs, tracking animals through the woods and climbing trees.
She leaned against a big tree and allowed her mind to wander back to the day she first discovered her feelings for him.
It was seventh grade. Her body had just begun to blossom. She had been hiding in the tree when Cliff came along, holding hands with Amelia.
Dale watched them as Cliff leaned back against the tree and pulled Amelia close for a kiss. She had giggled and pushed him away. Jealousy burned in Dales bosom.
“Don’t,” she said, touching her lips with her fingers.
“Why not?”
"I don’t like you that way, Cliff.”
Amelia backed off and disappeared. Cliff picked up a stick and
threw it. Dale descended from the tree.
"What were you doing, kissing Amelia?” Hands on hips, she stood blocking his way.
“Were you up there spying on me the whole time?”
“Answer my question first.”
“Amelia puts out.”
“All the guys are after her.”  
“Not you!” Dale laughed to herself, wondering how she had shed her shy demeanor to brazenly walk up to Cliff and kiss him quickly on the lips. “She can’t have you. You’re mine.”
The surprised look on Cliff’s face disappeared quickly as he drew her to him and kissed her again. That had been the beginning. They were inseparable from that point on. Dale sighed at the memory of their innocent love that wasn’t consummated until she was seventeen. Her reverie was broken by a harsh, demanding voice.
“Why does Cliff have your picture in his wallet?” Joe stood behind her, his face clouded with anger
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