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Friday, April 26, 2013



Here's a sneak preview of MEMORIES OF LOVE, #3 in the Hollywood Hearts series. 

Washington, D.C.

Grant Hollings stood naked at the apartment window. Three a.m., no one can see me. He leaned his toned, tanned body against the window sash. The lights of the city didn’t distract him from the pain shooting through his heart.

I’ll never see her again. A lump formed in his throat, choking him, bringing tears to his eyes. He brushed his dark brown hair off his forehead, scratched his chest, then padded back to bed, lowering himself gently so as not to wake Carol Anne.

She stirred slightly in her sleep. Easing onto his side, his stare roamed over her. Moonlight kissed her, creating highlights that emphasized the perfect planes of her face. He lowered his gaze to her creamy shoulders then all the way down to where the sheet hid her from further perusal. She’s lovely. She’s mine. For one more day. A sigh escaped his throat as he slid closer to the young woman, the love of his life.

Moving up against him, she muttered something he couldn’t understand. Grant pulled her into his embrace, folding his arm around her naked body. He kissed her blonde locks and tried to fall back to sleep. He dozed on and off until the early autumn sun peeked in and woke him at six o’clock. The red-melting-into-orange sunrise began the last day Carol Anne Brewster and Grant Hollings would be together before she flew to Los Angeles to star in her first film.

He rolled over and ran his hand down her side. So soft and smooth. She cozied up to him. He spooned her, nuzzling her neck and pulling the soft, fleece blanket up to shield them against the cool, October morning air. She shifted to her side then lay still. Grant loved cuddling in the mornings, before the outside world intruded on them with work obligations, acting classes, and court appearances. Now it was just Grant and Carol Anne.

He breathed in deeply, enjoying the sweet scent of her skin. Her looks, so breathtaking to the public, ran deep. Her inner beauty, and vulnerability she bared only to him, had captured his heart. Forsaking other women, he cleaved only to her, which was a big deal for Grant Hollings, up-and-coming D.C. attorney and former heartbreaker.
 A Bit About the Book

Blown away by her lover, Grant’s, quickie marriage to another, Cara, pregnant, and starring in her first movie, struggled along alone. When felled by illness, she’s forced to give her child to Grant. Five years later, Fate strikes, reuniting them by chance. Will they discover that true love never dies?  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


A bit of spring to cheer your spirits and a few lovely lines to warm your heart. Just for fun. Blooms are from Central Park and environs via my camera, words from my books.

She looked beautiful with her shoulder length chestnut hair blowing in the breeze and her blue sundress revealing a slim figure.
Now and Forever 1, a Love Story

Now the skinny, gawky young teen with the tiny turned-up nose and flat chest was a beautiful woman with amazing breasts and still interesting, he’d guess.
Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights

“A beautiful woman like you deserves more.” He saw her eyes widen as he rested his hand over hers, calming her.
 Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny

 “You played it beautifully,” she said, standing up. “I’m so sorry I burst into your house…very rude of me.
Now and Forever, Blind Love

“Why me? You could have anyone in Hollywood, women so much better looking… beautiful women. Why would you want me?” If I Loved You, (Hollywood Hearts , bk. 1)
My life stinks, but it’s a beautiful day, Junior is adorable, and I have a nice place to live. At least for two months. Could be worse. Red Carpet Romance (Hollywood Hearts, bk. 2)
Slim—not skinny, beautiful auburn hair…to her shoulders, perfect breasts, cute nose with a few freckles—pretty.  Love, Lost and Found
“A guy must be crazy to go on tour, leaving a beautiful wife like you behind,” he muttered.  The Renovated Heart.
When she opened the door, she looked beautiful and he was right, the wonderful cooking smell came from her apartment. The Marriage List
Colin Andrews whipped open the front door of his brother’s townhouse in Manhattan, revealing the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen on the other side.  The Dating List
 Hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures and "beautiful" words. Please leave a comment, tell me what your favorite flower is. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.

Monday, April 22, 2013


 Welcome to Tuesday Tales. Thanks for stopping by.  This is another scene from my WIP, tentatively titled: 
“Okay, Sixteen hundred bucks for two months of dog walking for Baxter. As we agreed.” Dr. Hack Roberts signed the check, turning his gaze to lovely Rory wearing a sling and a pretty print sundress.  While waiting for the ink to dry, he noted how well the bright blue and green print complemented her gold hair. He couldn’t control his gaze as it slid down to ogle her generous breasts, peeping out from the heart-shaped neckline. His mouth went dry as desert sand and his fingertips itched at the thought of touching her. Stop that! You’re engaged!
 “You still here?” Felicia entered the office unannounced. The ugly look on her face when she spied Rory made him frown. Why’s she jealous? We’re engaged.  “Picking up a check. Do you mind?” Rory pushed past the stick-thin, fashionista.
“And if I do?”
“Then I might have to tell you to lump it,” Rory quipped.
“Don’t try to squeeze more money out of Hack! I know women like you. Taking what they can get…looking for a man who’s a soft touch.”
“Sounds a lot like you,” Rory murmured, trying to stifle a smile.
“Why you! You’re the most…most…” she stuttered.
“Aggravating woman in the world? Smartest woman in the world? Ballsy woman in the world.” Her eyes screamed mischief and Hack had to look away to hide his smile.
“If you’re so smart, how come he’s engaged to me and not you?” A smug look washed over Felicia’s overly made-up face.
“He owes me this money. Hitting me and my dog with his bicycle has ruined my life. I can’t work.”
“Watch this eye for a tear! No man to take care of you? Pity. Such a surprise…woman with a mouth like yours.”
“You have no idea what my mouth can do.”
At that, Hack spit out the coffee he was drinking.
“Is that a shot?” Felicia asked, her hackles up.
“Why don’t you ask Hack?” Rory’s eyes glistened with merriment.
“Forget it, Felicia.” Hack tried to erase the image of things Rory’s mouth could do from his mind. He ripped the check from the checkbook and handed it to Rory. Their fingers brushed causing a tingle to travel up his arm like a rocket. He raised his gaze to hers and noticed a slight flush move up from her chest to her cheeks. Her blush is beautiful.
 After Rory left the office, Felicia plunked down opposite him, trying to smooth her ruffled feathers. “You could have spoken up. And what was that mouth crack about?”A buzz on his intercom saved him.  
“Personal delivery.”
A few seconds later the door to his office opened and a strange man came in. “Dr. Hansen Roberts?” Hack pushed to his feet. The man handed him an envelope. “Sir, you have been served.”
Hack’s mouth fell open as he ripped the envelope apart. Sure enough, inside were legal papers from Rory’s brother.
“That little…she’s suing me!”


My friend, talented author Jeff Conine, and I were fortunate to be interviewed by John Austin on the radio for his program, THE BOOK CLUB!
The show airs Tuesday at 10am. In my interview, I answer questions by readers. Here are some of the questions I tackle:

1. Pat M.  Hudson, Fl.  Is there a real Pine Grove and if so, do people who live in the town see themselves in your books? 
3. Mike R.  Palatine, IL  Is there a real Pine Grove and if so, where is it because he wants to move there because the town seems to have lots of smart, sexy, single women.
4. Jamie,  Beaverton, Or. Has read three of your books and Sunny is her favorite heroine.  Do you have a favorite and which heroine is most like you? 
5. Ariele R  Brooklyn, N.Y.  She is in grad school and is drawn to writing, but wants to know if she has any talent in that direction.  Do you have any suggestions? 
6. Gary M.  St Petersburg, Fl  Has written two books and has an idea for a third, but when he starts to write, he can’t get by the first few pages.  Any suggestions?  He has tried an outline and starting with the characters, but still can’t seem to continue. 
7. Gail G.  Toledo, Oh is there any character in any of your books that is based on you? 
8. Lynn B  The Villages, Fl  Married to a retired military guy and enjoyed “Love, Lost and Found”.  Heard there were more titles to come.  What and When?  Also are you or you husband retired Military  and if not what made you decide to do military based books? 
9. Maria G.  Tarpon Springs, Fl.  Are you married and if so, what does your husband think of the sex scenes in the book? 
10.Tamara M. Georgia  Most series have a theme that runs through the series.  Is there a theme that runs through the Hollywood Hearts series and would you share that theme with the listeners? 
Tune in tomorrow for the answers to these and 10 more questions. Or, if you can't wait, and want to hear the interview now, here's the link: THE BOOK CLUB.
Jeff is interviewed about his book, LAST AUTUMN. Here is a snippet so you can see the quality of his writing. The book has some autobiographical elements, but well, I'll let Jeff tell you all about it himself. 
 Acknowledgment made, he prepared to shave.  As he did, he reminded himself, as he always did during his baptism and shaving ritual, that there were no excuses in this life--none to mitigate what might have been.  You pay as you go, buddy.  This reminder held special meaning today: Linda was coming.  No excuses, he reflected, and no justice either--but some nights you get the chance to roll the bones twice.
Thinking this, Jake dropped his towel and turned away from his now clear image, abruptly repulsed and shaken.  His face, his quarters, his trembling hands, betrayed him, signaled his fall from a tolerable marriage and a reasonable, though empty, livelihood to an isolated existence of functional drunkenness and fading creativity.  A crooked smile appeared.  More's the pity. He knew life's principles now.  No excuses, no justice.  How clear.
If you can't wait for tomorrow, here's the link to Jeff's interview podcast. THE BOOK CLUB