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Monday, February 1, 2016


   Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. The word prompt this week is "stolen". We continue with Harley's story, but today it's from Shyla's point of view. 

   As she stood at her window, looking out on the island paradise, Shyla wondered how she and Harley could have built such a strong relationship on the handful of stolen hours they'd shared. 
   She crept quietly out of the room she shared with Biana, her intern, and walked along the deserted beach. At six a.m. she was the only one. She leaned back against a palm tree, enjoying a moment of shade.
   What started at the wedding in Costa Rica continued when they returned stateside. She had been between gigs, so she bunked in with him in his gorgeous, modern house in little Monroe, New York. 
   Two weeks of total bliss. They were never out of sight or touch with each other. Nights were spent making love and talking until three. She'd swore they would never run out of things to say. The snatches of time together continued for a year. Then they agreed that their work needed to come first and they parted. 
   Now here she was, advising him on the women vying for his attention and his hand in marriage. Her stomach clenched. This was not a place she wanted to be, yet she had only herself to blame. 
   "Penny for your thoughts," a deep behind her said. 
   Harley was there, grinning. She smiled. 
   "So who's the bad girl today? And who should I be pursuing?"
   One stab of pain shot through her heart. "Ruth is too timid for you. And Clara has other things on her mind. She's texting constantly with someone. Vanessa's still the best."
   "Really? I might have other ideas about that." He said stepping too close to her. They were alone. 
   She knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't stop herself as she leaned into his arms. 
The kiss was sweet, succulent and familiar. He came to his senses first. 
"I've got to stop doing that."
"I suppose."
"You're not helping."
"What did I do?"
"You just stood there."


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