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Monday, June 1, 2015


   Welcome back! This week the word prompt is "giggle". And Maggie's story continues. 
   Maggie snuggled into John’s shoulder on the train ride back to Manhattan. Three whirlwind days living her dreams had taken her breath away. Now Mrs. John Armstead, she had left her old self behind. How delightful to meet you. I’m Mrs. John Armstead. John and I. Maggie Armstead. This is our son, Geoffrey Armstead.

   But Maggie was getting ahead of herself. They still had years to go before they could afford their own place and a child. She sighed as she watched small houses and lush trees whiz past the window. The gentle sway of the train and John’s nearness soothed her into a light sleep. John kissed her hair and murmured endearments so softly only she could hear them.

   The couple noted that Mr. and Mrs. Roberts weren’t at home. So John carried Maggie over the threshold and dropped her onto his bed.
“My room’s bigger. Let’s stay here.”
“Whatever you say, my husband.” Her words sent a tingle up her spine.
He smiled rakishly at her and narrowed his eyes.
“Falling in love with being missus already, dear girl?”
She nodded.
“That’s grand.”
He climbed on the bed, stretching out next to her.
“Fancy a go?”

Maggie turned on her side, cupping his cheek. “Good idea.”
John slid his hand up her leg, under her skirt. Maggie giggled as he attempted to divest her of her panties, but was having trouble.
“A hand would be welcome, lassie.”

   Getting her shoes, stockings, panties, bra and dress off proved to be a daunting task. They both roared with laughter as one thing after another stuck, or got caught on something.
A loud banging on the door startled them, interrupting their fun. Maggie scooted under the covers, pulling the blanket up to her chin.
“John! What’s going on in there?”
John, stifling a laugh, replied, “Nothing, sir. Just a little fun. We’re not back on duty for another six hours, sir.”
“Who’s in there with you?”
Maggie and John couldn’t stop laughing.
“I’m coming in.”

   A fit of the giggles grabbed Maggie and shook her. The door burst open. Mr. Roberts stood there, aghast, his mouth open, with his wife hiding behind him.
“Maggie! John! What is this?”
“It’s a honeymoon, sir,” John replied, trying his best to keep a straight face. ­­