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Saturday, October 29, 2016


Three different women, three lives crisscrossing in the small town of Pine Grove. One’s escaping her life, one’s seeking her future, and the third is discovering her dream.  Meet Sunny, April and Mindy and the men who love them in three full length clean, wholesome novels of romance.   
Three full novels, over 800 pages, of clean, wholesome romance.

Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights
Can a young woman run away from a bad marriage back to her past? Sunny Davis is on the run, hiding in the cabin where she spent her summers. Will she be able to shake multi-millionaire Brad? And who's that handyman, hanging around the summer community? 

April's Kiss in the Moonlight 
Caught in an accident that killed her lover, the injured young woman faces a choice -- go back home to a life she dreads or give up her dreams of world travel to settle in a small town? Will a handsome fireman have the answer to her dilemma? 

Under the Midnight Moon
Give the fulfillment of her dreams by an inheritance, a young woman builds a theater. But treachery everywhere she turns threatens to take away what's she's built. She has to choose between the man she loves and the life she's always wanted. Which way Mindy go?

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