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Friday, June 29, 2012


Time for a look at The Marriage List, a New York Nights novel. Roll into Manhattan with me and get to know with Grey, before he meets up with Carrie. First a few pix of New York City, then the first chapter of The Marriage List, which is still only $.99, by the way.

Lincoln Center, where Grey and Carrie have an...uh...interesting encounter.

 The Dakota, apartment building where John Lennon lived and died. Only about six blocks from Carrie's place.

 Skyline of Manhattan.

 Sexy guy did that get in here? " *grins*, just an added treat.

 Oohh, hot firemen. You can see where my mind is going. So on to the first chapter.

                                  FIRST CHAPTER - CLICK HERE
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Monday, June 25, 2012


Today's tale comes from my WIP, "If I Loved You". 

“You signed Chaz Duncan?”
Megan nodded.
“Wow! That’s amazing! You’re awesome, Megan. How’d you do it?” 
 "Our brilliant plan plus a little charm.”
“You’re my hero.” Andy beamed his admiration at her with a huge smile.
“Time to get to work, Andy. We have to execute this plan. On Wednesday, I need to tell Chaz…er…Mr. Duncan exactly where we plan to put his money. So you’ve got a ton of research to do. Get your pad…let’s get started.”
Right after Andy left, her cell phone rang. It was Chaz.
“Are you strutting your stuff? Did old Harve give you a pat on the back?”
“How did you know?” Megan sat back in her chair.
“I’m a big fish. I’d expect as much.”
“You are. Andy and I are going to start work on your investment plan as soon as I hang up.” Megan put her hand up to stop Andy from entering her office then lounged back again.
“Who’s Andy?” Was that a hint of jealousy in his voice? She grinned.
“He’s my assistant. Too young for me anyway.”
“Oh. Good. Won’t keep you, then.”
“Where are you today?” Meg rested her feet on the waste paper basket.
“Over at PBS, shooting an American history series.”
“Who are you playing?” She tapped a pencil on her desk.
“Thomas Jefferson…with a red wig.”
 “Oh my God!” Megan burst into laughter.
“What’s so funny?”
“Covering up that gorgeous brown hair with a red wig, I…”
“Gorgeous, huh?” He snickered at the other end of the phone.
Megan’s hand flew to her mouth. Shut up, Meg!
“Well…yeah…it’s kinda nice, I guess. If you like brunettes.”
Chaz laughed. “And you prefer blonds?”
“I prefer…to end this conversation.” Meg sat up in her chair.
“See you Wednesday at six.”
 After she hung up the phone, Megan fanned herself with her hand. Andy entered the office.
“You’re red as a beet. Was that a business call?”
 “Write down these stocks. I want you to get the p/e’s plus closing prices for every week for the past two years…make a graph. Let’s start with General Electric…”


A rest from promo today. Enjoy some fun facts and pix of New York, city and state. Happy Monday!

The oldest cattle ranch in the US was started in 1747 at Montauk on Long Island. 

(This is supposed to be a pic of a cattle ranch, but thought you wouldn't mind if I just had the cowboys. You don't, do you?)

 The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan is the only school in the world offering a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing.

 New York City has 722 miles of subway track. 

 Adirondack Park is larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier, and Olympic Parks combined.  The only mountain range to have a chair named after it! LOL. (That's from me.)

For beer lovers! The first public brewery in America was established by Peter Minuit at the Market (Marckvelt) field in lower Manhattan. 

   Niagara Reservation became the first state park in the United States.

New York was the first state to require license plates on cars. 

 New York State is home to 58 species of wild orchids.

Wade Boggs and Cal Ripken Jr. played against each other in Rochester vs. Pawtucket Red Sox in the longest game in baseball history. The game went a total of 33 innings. 
 The Big Apple is a term coined by musicians meaning to play the big time. 


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