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Friday, December 30, 2011


            Welcome and thank you for stopping by! We are joined by my gorgeous, sexy cousin, Ima Slutz, today. She’ll be subbing for me when I go on vacation with one of Jean’s sexy heroes. She’s here to learn the ropes. Today we will be interviewing that devastating man, hero of “The Marriage List”, Grey Andrews!

Adora: Good morning, Grey, how are you?
Grey:   Fine, Adora. You’re looking good for such an early hour. *gaze sweeps over her body*
Adora: Thank you, Grey. *bats eyes*, hey, are you free for a week in February to go to one of those “bathing suit” optional beaches with me?
Grey:   I don’t think Carrie would approve, Adora, do you?
Adora: Who cares what she thinks? All right, Ima, on to the interview. So, I hear you’ve been screwing everything in sight, supposedly looking for a wife. *guffaws behind hand*, yeah right.
Grey: *blushes* I don’t know about the screwing around thing, but I have been looking for a wife.
Adora: Why would a gorgeous rich guy like you want to get married when you could make it with any woman you want?
Grey: Adora! I thought I was supposed to talk about the book, The Marriage List.
Adora: We are…but doing it my way. So give, Grey. What’s up with this stupid list thing, anyway?
Grey: Well, I saw how unhappy my buddies were and so I…
Adora: BORING! Come on, Grey, you’re deep-sixing the whole interview here. Get to the good stuff. How many woman do you think you’ve actually slept with on your marriage “quest.”
Grey: *turns redder*, I’ve lost count, I think…
Adora: Come on! We all know every guy keeps a tally. Is it in the hundreds? The thousands?
Grey: WHAT? Hey, what’s going on here? Where’s Jean.
Adora: She’s off working on a new book with your brother, Colin. So tell me…are you as good in bed as they say?
Grey: *face turning almost purple*, JEEEAAAANNNN!!!!
Adora: Do you scream like that in bed. God, you’re a good-looking guy, Grey. Why settle for Carrie when you can have me and maybe Ima, here?
Grey: Where is Jean? I’m going to kill her.
Adora: A “quickie” with Grey Andrews is all we have time for today. Hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year and come back every week for more “Love Talk,” with me, Adora Smutz!
Grey: Wait! Adora! Let me talk about the book…about Carrie, how beautiful and smart she is…
Adora: Let’s continue here in my dressing room, Grey. Now what were you saying…
Ima: This is Ima Slutz, signing off for LOVE TALK!

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Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy and healthy New Year and thank you for reading my books!

Monday, December 26, 2011


This is part three from my continuation of Grey and Carrie's story from "The Marriage List". It's a WIP and hope to make it part of a Marriage List anthology. Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a joyous, healthy and happy New Year.


                The gentle push from two fingers into her shoulder roused Carrie from her slumber. She opened her eyes and yawned.
            “We’re almost there. Turning on Route 517 now,” Grey said, maneuvering the car into the turn smoothly.
The music was off and the heater whirred softly keeping Carrie’s feet toasty.  She stretched as best she could in the small space and looked over at his profile. He turned to face her when the traffic light at 517 and Forest Avenue turned red. His eyes swept over her as his lips curled into a smile.
“Well, sleepyhead, ready to face the Andrews family?”
She nodded and moved closer to him. His bent over and brushed her lips with his quickly before the light changed, then took his foot off the brake and drove the car slowly down the street. The car pulled to the curb and stopped in front of the three-story, white Victorian house with taupe shutters at the end. He shifted into park but didn’t turn the car off. 
Carrie moved as close to him as the gear shift would allow and he inched toward her, lowering his head until his mouth covered hers. She wriggled her tongue between his lips, deepening the kiss, bending toward him, snaking her hands over his shoulders. He slipped his right hand over the back of the bucket seat and around her shoulders. His fingers played with the ends of her hair that spilled over her collar and down her back. Time seemed to stand still for Carrie as she lost herself in the delicious taste of Grey and the feel of his tongue caressing hers, coaxing her into intimacy. 
She felt her pulse begin to climb and warmth that had nothing to do with the car heater travel through her body. Carrie reached blindly for the zipper of her jacket and lowered it, allowing some of her body heat to escape. He settled his left hand on her waist then, as if waiting for her to unzip, he slid it up inside her jacket to cover her breast. He squeezed and Carrie moaned as any resistance melted under the heat of his touch. 
She hadn’t been able to resist him from the beginning. Once he touched her, she wanted him. Now she squirmed slightly as his hand continued to massage her breast. She felt warmth between her legs and clamped them together in the hopes of stopping her growing desire, but the maneuver had the opposite effect.
His thumb found her peak through her thin cashmere sweater, pressed against and circled it at the same time as faint sounds of voices drifted to her ears. She groaned, lifting the fog of passion enough to discern people were coming toward the car, calling to them. The voices kept getting louder.
“Grey…”she muttered, attempting to control her breathing.
At the sound of her voice, he withdrew from her, removing his hand, his lips and his tongue, leaving a sudden coolness on her skin. When her eyes met his she could see heat and knew he also wanted to take their make-out session to the next level.
“If we don’t stop now, I won’t be able to get out of the car…” he whispered.
Carrie withdrew from him, moving back into her seat when she heard…
“…making out like a couple of teenagers…never know they’re engaged…”
Carrie turned her head toward her window and spied Colin’s face on the other side.  Instinctively she closed her jacket to hide her erect nipples the same way she’d have done in high school. Her cheeks colored at being discovered. 
Right behind him was Jenna, Grey’s jacketless younger sister, flapping her arms around her chest in an effort to ward off the cold, giggling as she came up behind Colin.  Carrie looked back at Grey one more time before putting her hand on the handle to open the car door.  He was grinning at her as he turned the ignition off, his eyes glistening with raw desire. He leaned over, took her chin in his hand and planted a final kiss on her nose. She touched her palm to his cheek then opened the car door.
“I wish we could have had fifteen more minutes alone,” he whispered.
Carrie chuckled as she placed one foot outside the door onto the frozen ground.
Colin extended his hand to help Carrie out of the car. The trunk flew open and the four buzzed about the luggage. The gifts were wrapped and placed carefully in shopping bags sporting logos from Bergdorf Goodman, Paul Stuart, Tiffany and Sak’s Fifth Avenue.  Two weekend bags, one in black and one in red were nestled snugly in the small trunk. Carrie took two bags of gifts and Jenna took the other two, leaving the heavier luggage for Colin and Grey.
“Not packing together in one suitcase yet, eh?”
Carrie and Grey exchanged a glance.
“Is that in the vows, Jenna? For better, for worse and to share one suitcase?” Grey asked.
Jenna shrugged and shook her head as they all walked briskly toward the front door. To the left in the open doorway stood Fran, wearing a red, green and gold apron fastened around her waist. Right behind her right shoulder stood her husband, John, raising one hand to wave. Barbara the oldest child stood to the right of the doorway, peeking around and smiling. Grey smiled broadly at the rest of his family and raised his hand in a return wave.

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