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Friday, December 30, 2011


            Welcome and thank you for stopping by! We are joined by my gorgeous, sexy cousin, Ima Slutz, today. She’ll be subbing for me when I go on vacation with one of Jean’s sexy heroes. She’s here to learn the ropes. Today we will be interviewing that devastating man, hero of “The Marriage List”, Grey Andrews!

Adora: Good morning, Grey, how are you?
Grey:   Fine, Adora. You’re looking good for such an early hour. *gaze sweeps over her body*
Adora: Thank you, Grey. *bats eyes*, hey, are you free for a week in February to go to one of those “bathing suit” optional beaches with me?
Grey:   I don’t think Carrie would approve, Adora, do you?
Adora: Who cares what she thinks? All right, Ima, on to the interview. So, I hear you’ve been screwing everything in sight, supposedly looking for a wife. *guffaws behind hand*, yeah right.
Grey: *blushes* I don’t know about the screwing around thing, but I have been looking for a wife.
Adora: Why would a gorgeous rich guy like you want to get married when you could make it with any woman you want?
Grey: Adora! I thought I was supposed to talk about the book, The Marriage List.
Adora: We are…but doing it my way. So give, Grey. What’s up with this stupid list thing, anyway?
Grey: Well, I saw how unhappy my buddies were and so I…
Adora: BORING! Come on, Grey, you’re deep-sixing the whole interview here. Get to the good stuff. How many woman do you think you’ve actually slept with on your marriage “quest.”
Grey: *turns redder*, I’ve lost count, I think…
Adora: Come on! We all know every guy keeps a tally. Is it in the hundreds? The thousands?
Grey: WHAT? Hey, what’s going on here? Where’s Jean.
Adora: She’s off working on a new book with your brother, Colin. So tell me…are you as good in bed as they say?
Grey: *face turning almost purple*, JEEEAAAANNNN!!!!
Adora: Do you scream like that in bed. God, you’re a good-looking guy, Grey. Why settle for Carrie when you can have me and maybe Ima, here?
Grey: Where is Jean? I’m going to kill her.
Adora: A “quickie” with Grey Andrews is all we have time for today. Hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year and come back every week for more “Love Talk,” with me, Adora Smutz!
Grey: Wait! Adora! Let me talk about the book…about Carrie, how beautiful and smart she is…
Adora: Let’s continue here in my dressing room, Grey. Now what were you saying…
Ima: This is Ima Slutz, signing off for LOVE TALK!

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Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy and healthy New Year and thank you for reading my books!


Kellie Kamryn said...

Hahaha! Hilarious Jean! All the best with the book. Can't wait to read it :)

Sherry Gloag said...

She's at it again, causing mayhem wherever she goes. Thanks for the laugh.

Lindsay said...

This is one of the best interviews I've read in a long time.