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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Forget that damn "to do" list for 2012. While making that list, I feel like a school teacher is standing over my shoulder, wagging her finger in my face. 

So let's make a list of ten "don'ts" for the new year, instead.

1. DON'T stop writing, outlining new stories and losing myself in my own world.
2. DON'T let someone's negative opinion affect the way I feel about myself and my work.
3. DON'T argue with a reviewer, ever.
4. DON'T forget to appreciate those who love me.
5. DON'T stop laughing no matter how bad things might get.
6. DON'T lose sight of my goals, keep moving forward.

7. DON'T trust false friends.
8. DON'T speak without thinking in person or on the Internet.
9. DON'T let exercise disappear from my life on some thin excuse.
10. DON'T stop facing each new day with hope and great expectations that something wonderful will happen.

What's on your list of "don'ts" Please share by leaving a comment.

A touch of spring to remind us what's on the other side of March.

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An Open Book said...

Perfect list to live by Jean- Many of which I have been living for the last few years- negativity has no place in my world...and false friends? Don't even go there- lol

Happy New Year

Meg said...

LOVE it, Jean!! I would add "Don't live to eat, but eat to live and write more instead" to my list. I'll add yours too, cuz they're all great "To Don'ts" - LOL!


Jean said...

Thank you Dawne. Yes, Meg, right! Don't live to eat, love that one!!

Jeanine said...

Great list... I would add. Don't get shy. Always put yourself out there and network. I find sometimes I can be introverted and don't want to go to a writer's event or participate in a blog. But when I push myself out the door or into cyber space, I always meet someone who wants to see my stuff or has a suggestion of a place to submit work!

Lisa said...

I love your list. I think I'll add Don't forget you are always important. I forget that a lot

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy said...

Great list - I love the idea of "don't" rather than "do's". I don't plan to ever stop writing or submitting!

Happy new year,

Lee Ann

Kellie Kamryn said...

Great list! Here's mine: Don't stop believing in myself.
Happy New Year!

Angel Martinez said...

I'd have to add:

Don't try to take things out of the oven barehanded

Don't forget that I'm not 25 anymore (especially in the lifting and carrying department.)

Don't forget who you can turn to when feeling low.


Davee said...

I add, do not take the ones who love you for granted.

Jean said...

Such great additions to my list, Jeanine, Lisa, Kellie, Lee Ann and Angel.Way to go getting in the spirit!

Lindsay said...

Wonderful list Jean.

Karen S. Elliott said...

DON'T give up because your family doesn't understand a darn thing you do! :) Good list!

Beth Trissel said...

Great list. I like it. Fitting for us authors. Fortunately I have no false friends, that I know of.