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Friday, January 6, 2012

Love Talk with Adora Smutz - Interview with April McKenna

            Love Talk with Adora Smutz
            Today, Adora is interviewing April McKenna from April’s Kiss in the Moonlight.

            Adora: Good morning, April. How are you today?
            April:   Fine, Adora and you?
            Adora:   So you’re Gavin’s main squeeze, eh? Tell us, where does he mainly squeeze you, anyway?
            April: In places he’ll never squeeze you, Adora!
            Adora: Hey! I get the good lines around here!
            April: Sunny Davis warned me about you, *grins*
            Adora: Yeah? Don’t get too uppity, I’m just getting started. Tell me, do you ever have sex in the fireman’s carry position with this sexy fireman?
            April: *stifles a laugh* Adora, do you even know what that position is?
            Adora:  Well, no…but it sounded good.
            April:  What’s your favorite position for sex, Adora?
            Adora: I’ll ask the questions here, young lady!
            April:  *laughing* so ask already, I’m aging rapidly.
            Adora: *flustered*, Jean! Jean! You said she’d be a pushover! What’s going on here.
            April:   Tell us, Adora, which one of Jean’s heroes do you want to sleep with first.
            Adora: Well, first there’s…wait a minute! My turn, my turn…how IS Gavin in bed anyway?
            April:  Wouldn’t you like to know? You’ll never find out, either. Gavin hates pushy women.
            Adora: You have some nerve! I’m not pushy…I ask aggressive questions. I get to the stuff people want to know about.
            April:  Oh? You think so?
            Adora: I’m an award-winning journalist!
            April: Yeah, if the award is Idiot-of-the-Year!
            Adora: Hey! Is that a crack? So tell me miss high-and-mighty, how did you ever snag such a sexy guy. You’re nothing to look at, I mean compared to me.
            April: *flips hair back*, you don’t have to be a 36 DD to be attractive, Adora, especially to Gavin. He can’t get enough of me.
            Adora: Oh? *moves closer to the microphone* Tell us about it.
            April:  Why only yesterday when I was in the outdoor shower, he…wait a minute!
            Adora: Go on, go on… the outdoor shower *grins*.
            April:   Jean! Jean!  *pulls out her .22 semi-automatic* Can I shoot her?
            Adora:  I’m afraid that’s all we have time for today. *gathers up belongings and stuffs them into briefcase* This is Adora Smutz for ‘Love Talk” thanking April McKenna and signing off for this week.
            April: *polishes barrel of gun on her sleeve*. Gets ‘em every time.

More about April and Gavin

Fresh from graduate school, April McKenna, beautiful and brilliant vows to strike out on a new path rather than return to San Francisco to take a job with her father’s firm. She meets Rusty and sets off for an escapade that ends in tragedy. Injured and alone she is taken in by Sunny Davis, a friend of her mother’s who lives in a small town in the Catskill Mountains in New York.

During her recovery, April resolves to carve out an exotic life of travel and adventure. But she didn’t count on a sexy fireman upsetting her plans. Gavin Dailey has dated practically every woman in the county, but when he meets April, he knows he’s finally found the one he wants.  Only a stubborn man like Gavin wouldn’t let April’s resistance to his charm and his small town change his plans. Determined to win her, he pulls out all the stops until he encounters one stumbling block he didn’t count on. Only a near-tragedy resurrected from the past gives April the tenacity she needs to make the right decision for her life in April’s Kiss in the Moonlight.
This is a sweet contemporary romance with no explicit sex.

Short Excerpt
He walked up to the car and knocked on the window, startling April, who jumped.When she turned to look at him, he was smiling at her.
“Flat?” He asked.
She nodded.
“Pop the trunk,” he said.
Can’t you get inside the car through the trunk? He could attack
“Take it easy. I’m not a mass murderer. Want to help you
change your tire,” he called to her.
April popped the trunk. If she didn’t want to spend the night
alone in the dark, accepting his help was her only choice.
“Are these yours?” he asked, plucking her panties off the door
handle and holding them up to the car window. The white lace
bikinis looked ridiculously small in his large hand.
April felt heat seep into her face and knew she had turned
several shades of red. Avoiding the stranger’s gaze, she opened the
car window and snatched the panties from him. He laughed, shook
his head and headed for the trunk, as she struggled to put the
panties back on while sitting in the front seat.
“Easier to jack up the car if you’re not in it,” he called to her.
Reluctantly, she got out of the car, keeping an eye on him and
perched on a large rock at a safe distance to watch him, hugging her
knees to her chest.
“Rusty,” he said, extending his hand after taking off his
“April,” she responded, wrinkling her nose with distaste at
the sight of dirt coating his hand.
“Oh, yeah, sorry. Greasy.” He wiped his hand on his jeans.
He worked for forty-five minutes, jacking up the car then
changing the tire. April watched him with interest. As he began to
sweat, he removed his T-shirt. April stared at his strong chest
covered with reddish hair, feeling a desire to touch it. The muscles
in Rusty’s arms worked as he attached the jack and began to pump
it up, moving the car higher and higher. He was tall, about six foot
four inches, broad and strong. He shot her an easy grin from time
to time.
“What’s a beautiful woman like you doing stranded out here?
Where you headed?” He asked, looking her over with appreciation
in his eyes.
“San Francisco. You?” She said, blushing slightly under his
“I’ve got a week to get to Allentown for a job. At the rate I’m
going, it’ll take me a week to walk it.” He worked the tire iron on
the lug nuts.
She laughed. “Why kind of job?”
“Driving a truck to New York City and back. It pays well.”
“You going to live in Allentown?”
“Of course. Where are you coming from?”
“Got my MBA from Kensington State University. Heading
“Going back to a job?”
“ internship. But I don’t want to. I’m not sure what I
want to do.”
“After all that time with college and graduate school and you
still don’t know what you want to do? Heck...a lot of money down
the drain.”
“Education doesn’t always tell you what you want to do in
“True enough. Still going home, eh?” He leaned against the
“It’s expected.”
“Car’s ready. You should replace the dead tire because if this
one blows, you’re out of luck,” he pointed out, putting his shirt back on.
“Thanks. Get in,” she said, standing up, and brushing herself
“You giving me a ride?”
She shrugged and gave a nod.
“Well, I can promise not to strangle and murder you...but I
might kiss you,” he said.
“Thanks for fixing the tire. I’m taking you all the way to
Allentown,” she said.
“No way! You are? Fantastic.”
“The least I can’s not far out of my way and...I’m in no
“Up for a little journey?” he asked her with a wicked grin on
his face.
“Maybe.” She looked him over, thinking about his offer of
“Let’s get some food. There’s a diner down the road a ways
and I’m buying,” he said, holding the door open for her.
She smiled up at him as he closed the car door.

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Kellie Kamryn said...

Hilarious interview! April is packing heat, LOL I have this book on my Kindle and can't wait to read it.

Lisa said...

I love this Jean!!! I've been wondering when the women were going to strike back. Well done April.

Lindsay said...

Another fantastic indepth interview

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Good morning. Happy Anniversary to SCP. Continued blessings on all of your endeavors.