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Monday, November 3, 2014


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. This week the word prompt is "flower". We return to the First & Ten series and Buddy Carruthers story. We meet up with Emmy, his old college girlfriend again.


“Time to get up.”
She rolled over, waving Shady away. “Not yet.”
“Now. We’ve got to get to Houston today.”
He pulled the covers off her and threw them on the floor. “Dammit, I said now!”

She frowned and forced herself to sit up. “I was having the best dream.”
“Yeah? Dreamin’ about fuckin’ the next Grammy winner?”
“My dreams aren’t raunchy like yours.” She slid her legs over the side and pushed to her feet.
“Get dressed. Pack. We’ve gotta leave.”
“Good thing you’re not a doctor. Your bedside manner stinks,” she said.
“I’m better in bed than next to it.”
That’s what you think.
In an hour, Emmy was sitting by the window of her comfortable tour bus as it rolled out of New Orleans and headed west. She had a concert in Houston, the next day, then two more in Texas as she sang her way to California.
She leaned back in a plush chair by the window and daydreamed. Wish I could get that dream back. Damn Shady.
She’d been dreaming about a house. Funny, but she couldn’t wait to get away from her father and step-mother and their little house in Oak Bend. 
This was a recurring dream about her own farmhouse, with a big garden. There were lots of flowers: orange, bright pink, and white, in her dream. She’d be sitting on the front porch. The curious part was that when the door opened, it wasn’t Shady who joined her. It was Buddy Carruthers, the love of her life who she’d left behind five years ago. She shifted in her seat. I wonder how
Buddy’s doing. Is he still playing football? 
 Shady interrupted her thoughts.
“The Connecticut Kings want you to sing the national anthem. Should I toss this?”
“Tell them I will. And set a date.”

Emmy, known as Emerald, smiled. Time to put this dream to rest.

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