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Monday, July 18, 2016


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. We continue with Maggie's Story today, with a little surprise at the end. Scroll down for the link back to Tuesday Tales and some fine writers. 


Maggie yawned and stretched. The antique grandfather clock in the hall chimed five, time to get up. No. Vacation. Forgot.  As she relaxed, her hand hit a warm, naked body. She turned her head and spied John lying next to her, sound asleep.
Her expression softened as she touched his shoulder, then his short, dark, wavy hair. He stirred and she whipped her hand back to her side. He cracked an eye open.
“Mornin’ darlin’,” he whispered.
John had made love to her twice the night before. She pushed her toes down and smiled.
“A right passionate one you are, Maggie.”
“Look who’s talkin’”
“That was nothin’. You get me blood goin’.” He rolled onto his side, his hand cupping her cheek.
“Don’t blame it on me, Mister.”
He chuckled. “Blame? Nothing to blame, sweetheart. It’s a good thing.”
Warmth and satisfaction flowed through her. Last night was just what she needed. It bucked up her spirits to be wanted, desired.
“I coulda gone all night.”
“Why didn’t ya, then?” She rolled on her side.
“Didn’t want to wear ya out. Not on the first night.”
She giggled. “It’s a faker you are, John Eldridge.”
He slid out of bed and her gaze follow his fine form to the dresser. He picked up a pen and wrote a few words, then opened a drawer and took out a rectangular box.

“This is for you my lady,” he said, returning to the bed.
She read what he’d written, “To thank you for the first of what I hope to be many nights together. Love, John.”

Her hand trembled a bit as she opened the box. Inside lay the stunning emerald necklace she’d seen the week before.

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