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Monday, July 14, 2014


Welcome! This week's picture prompt continues the story of Pete "Coach Bass" Sebastian, head coach for the Connecticut Kings. 
Pete Sebastian worked late more nights than not. Viewing tapes of his players and other teams, some over and over again. He had no reason to go home. It was late on Thursday, ten days before training camp. He rubbed the back of his neck and stepped outside to get some air. He was surprised to find Jo Parker there, staring up at the moon until he startled her.

“Sorry. Didn’t expect to find you here,” he said, standing beside her.

“Writing releases. Seems days are nothing but phone calls.”
 He smiled down at her beautiful face, kissed by the moonlight. Her hair glowed. Jo moistened her lips, drawing his gaze. The Coach’s body reacted. He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. The gentle touch was quick, but delicious. Heat flooded his face. What are you doing?
“I didn’t mean to take advantage.
Sorry.” He shifted his weight, and looked down.
Jo stayed close. “No offense taken. Seemed kind of right, with that gorgeous moon and the warm night.”
“I know you’re Devon Drake’s girl.”
“Girl?” She laughed. “I’m nobody’s girl.”
“Oh? Damn...I mean. I hope I didn’t insult you by calling you a girl.” He raised his eyebrows.
“Nope. Not at all. I expect that from guys like you.”
“Guys like me?”
“Yep, chauvinists, athletes, all the same, isn’t it?”
Pete straightened up. “I’m no chauvinist. I have two daughters.”
She cocked her head. “Really?”
They stood in awkward silence for a moment. Jo cleared her throat.
“I don’t belong to anyone. I play the field. I have no intention of settling down,” Jo said.
 Pete narrowed his eyes.  
“You sure about that?”
“You gonna change my mind?” She shot him a skeptical look.
“I just might surprise you,” he chuckled.
Jo slipped her hand in his. “Might be fun if you tried.”
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