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Friday, May 11, 2012

First Chapter Firday - Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny

This week, the first chapter is from Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny.
 First a few snippets of what readers are saying about this book:

Lindsay: "This is a heartwarming story of a soldier as he reintegrates back into society after suffering PTSD, not only from his brother's death but service in Iraq. Her ability to portray the horrors of what Captain Danny Maine goes through while he struggles to lead a normal life as a professor and fall in love are remarkable."
 Kathleen: "Now and Forever 2 The book of Danny wowed me."
 Jennifer:  "It's well written and unique plot captured me right from the start, had me emotional during the middle, and ended with a surprising, yet pleasing twist at the end."  
Sundee: "All in all, it was a wonderful read that tore me up in the middle, but left me satisfied in the end."  

                           CLICK HERE FOR THE FIRST CHAPTER

 Bit about the book

Can the newest professor at Kensington State escape his previous life as a killer? Leaving the Army didn't mean the war left him so Capt. Danny Maine, now teaching English, must find a way to lead a normal life. 
Finding love and rekindling an old friendship are not enough to defeat old demons. Danny Maine fights to free himself from war memories and dangerous men, hoping that a new love and a new Glock will bring him peace. 
 Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny is a heartfelt story of love, loss and ultimate triumph that will touch your heart.
 "Danny" is available in ebook and PAPERBACK:


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Interview with Syndie Winters, Heroine of "Forever Love"

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Syndie Winters.  My story “Forever Love” is told in the Love, Again Anthology. Thank you for having me stop by.  I hope that everyone enjoys my story of finding love with my hunky firefighter, T.J.
 Are you upset your name is not in the title? Not really.  This book has more than my story in it, so I wouldn’t expect that my name would be in the title.  I’m just happy that my story came first.
Is your love interest the way you pictured him or her? Or would you have preferred someone with a different hair color. The cover featured a beautiful picture of me and my honey.  Doesn’t he look hot?  I love that short military haircut and muscular body.  Someone must have taken a photo when we weren’t looking.
Do you have any annoying habits your author did not share with us in your book? Unfortunately I chew my nails.  It is my way of handling stress.  Just imagine always having to be aware of what is going on with your father.  I feel like I have to sleep with one eye open, especially after the oven and clothes incident.
 Do you have siblings? Are you close to them? I have four sisters.  We are close but each of us have gone our own ways.  None of us wanted to live in small-town Amherst, Ohio.  But now that I’m back, I am trying to get them to move back home too.  My sister, Stacey just called me the other day for some big sister advice.  I love telling them what to do.
Are you planning to make an appearance in a sequel? If not are you unhappy about that? I’d love to make an appearance in the sequel.  Melissa Keir (the author) is working on two stories right now that tell about my sisters’ search for true love.  I’m sure they plan on me being in the story. 
Did you author handle your “love” scenes the way you like or was she too explicit or not explicit enough? Wow.  What a personal question. It isn’t nice to kiss and tell. I guess I was glad that Melissa didn’t point it all out for everyone else.  I’m glad that I am the only one who really knows what T.J. looks like down there. 
Are you happy with the setting? Did you want a bigger house or car? At first, I was disappointed to be back in Amherst.  While it was my hometown, it had some sad memories for me, T.J. dumping me, my mom’s death, the whole grunge look during high school.  You get the idea.  But once I really started being honest with myself, Amherst wasn’t a bad place.  I’m glad that T.J. and I will raise our children here.  Although I am worried about how to do this in my Dad’s house.  We are going to live with him since he has Alzheimer’s and a move would unsettle him.
 Who was your favorite supporting character? My favorite supporting character was my Dad.  He was my first hero and the guy that I measure all my boyfriends against.  He taught me how to have a strong work ethic and be optimistic in the face of tough situations.
Did your story end too soon? Well my story isn’t done yet.  Just the part in Forever Love.  Hopefully Melissa will get those stories written and published so that everyone can learn more about my family and attend my wedding.  But only if you all bring a gift!  We are registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Thank you for having me visit Jean.  I appreciate getting to share my side of the story with readers.  If readers would like to read my story, they can purchase the e-book at:
or a print copy at Ruby LionessPress . Readers can also find out what is going on with my sisters’ stories by checking out Melissa’s page ( Stacey’s story “Beach Desires” will be released in June from Secret Cravings Publishing.  I hope that everyone is able to find their own “Forever Love” as I did.

Can a summer fling last a lifetime? Stacey Wilder escapes to the beach for a much needed vacation and meets a woman who tempts her passion. But Stacey hid her desires growing up because small town Catholic girls don’t fall
in love with other women.
Mandy Kenzie is a Southern girl who also dealt with discrimination growing up over her choice of lovers. When she meets Stacey, sparks fly and passion ignites. But will their beach fling become a forever match or just a vacation affair?Can Stacey and Mandy make their long distance relationship work? Or will they let the prejudices of their upbringing ruin their chance at happiness?

Monday, May 7, 2012


Thanks for stopping by. Today's short piece is from my WIP, "If I Loved You." Financial advisor, Megan Davis, meets Chaz Duncan, movie star and her client in person for the first time...
 Megan refreshed her lipstick and straightened her skirt. When she looked up, there he was standing in her doorway. She jumped slightly then smothered a small gasp..
Chaz Duncan stood about five foot eleven, with a slender build and shoulders from New York to California. He had expertly trimmed rakishly long dark brown hair threatening to fall over his forehead into his eyes at any moment. His eyes were the darkest brown, intense and fringed by long black lashes. His nose was straight and just long enough. His lips were perfect with a slightly fuller lower lip, completely kissable.
He wore chocolate brown pants tailored to his body and a white fitted silk shirt, open slightly at the neck revealing a hint of chest hair. The scruff on his face was the right length,  not too long to look sloppy but enough to look sexy as hell. A burnt-orange and red narrow striped tie dangled down below the unbuttoned top 
button of his shirt. 
He was studiously casual with the brown jacket to his suit slung over his shoulder, hooked on the finger of one hand. He took a step forward and extended his hand.
Meg could hardly breathe. Her mouth, suddenly dry as desert sand, managed a smile as her eyes connected with his. Instantly she understood his enormous film success as his presence filled the room the second he entered it. She took a breath and stepped forward, clasping his warm dry hand in a firm grip.
“A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Duncan. Won’t you please sit down.”
“Chaz, please.”
Megan returned to her seat.
“Coffee?” She directed her gaze at her visitor.
“Love it. Black.”
“Andy, coffee black and water for me.”
About a gallon. A pint to drink and pour the rest over me before I burst into flame.
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