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Monday, August 22, 2016


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we are continuing Maggie's Story again this week. Don't forget to click on the link below to read the excellent Tuesday Tales stories. 


     John knocked on Maggie’s door before opening it. Her small valise was on the bed.
“Should I take this apron? Me mum gave it to me.  Kinda worn, though.” She flipped it over, perusing each side. “Stained a bit, too.”
     John put his hand over hers. “Stop, Maggie. You don’t have to leave. You’re not fired.”
     “No? Just humiliated, then. Good reason to go.” She continued to pack her few possessions.
     “They know we’re doin’ it.”
     “How would you feel if we were married?”
     “Married? You marry me? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”
     “I’ve never been a fan of that phrase,” he said. “What happened to you? You’re too young to be so bitter?”
     “None of your business. Now, please move. I’ve got a lot to do. Don’t suppose I can get a reference.” She shook her head, then laughed once. “I can see it now. ‘Cooks real good and shags the butler.’”
      “Stop it!” He grabbed her, forcing her into his embrace. She shuddered, then broke down.
     “I’m ruined. Ruined back home. Now ruined here, too,” she sobbed into his chest.
     John stroked her back. “Now, now. It’s not as black as you’re paintin’.”
     She quieted down but stayed in his arms.
     “Marry me, Maggie. I’m insane over you. Please. Never met a girl like you.”
     “You’re just sayin’ that. Did the Mister tell ya to?”
     “Okay, he did say it might be a good idea. Pave the way with the Missus a bit.”
     She pushed away from him.
     “See? It’s not real.”
     John dropped to one knee. “I’m savin’ up for a ring, darlin’. Marry me, Maggie. I love you with all my heart.”
     “Get up, John. You’ll be ruinin’ your pants.”
     He rose and took her hand. When she wouldn’t look at him, he tipped her chin up.
     “Say you don’t love me, sweetheart, and I’ll help you find a new place.”
     She cast her gaze to the floor. “What difference does it make what I feel?”
     “Say it!”
     She shifted her weight, her eyes still focused on her feet.
     “Say it!” He gave her a little shake.
     “You can’t say it because it isn’t true.”
     “So I love you. So what?”
     “Marry me and make me the happiest man in New York City.”
     She laughed.  “You’re such a charmer, John Eldridge.”
     “You will, then?”
     “If you really want me to.”
     “I do, my girl, I do.”
     Her eyes watered as she lifted them to meet his.  
     “You won’t regret it,” he whispered.
     “I’d better not!”

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