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Friday, October 20, 2017

What people are saying about "THE HOUSE-SITTER'S CHRISTMAS"...

My little Christmas fairy tale novella has been well received so far. Let me share a few comments with you:

"...The story was wonderful, with genuinely likeable characters, especially the characters of Ellen the next door neighbour & George the assisant to C.W. Definitely recommend."  C.

"It’s a sweet and heartwarming story. It will suck you in with its suspense. It has characters that you will love. It’s an entertaining read..."  V.

"A Christmas thriller novella. Keeps you on the edge of your seat, especially with ex drama. Love the christmas feel and vibe emanating from within! If you wanna get into the mood, read this and light some candles." Book Addict Reviews 

"If you are looking for a short but sweet, holiday read, this is a good place to start. This was a fun little read. I read this in one sitting..." Sassy Beta Reading and Review

"A lovely Christmas story that will have you smiling and looking forward to the upcoming season..." N.D.

"OMG this is a very quick and beautiful read. Jean made me feel like i was there with the character Laura and C.W.. This book is definitely a book you can't pass up."  S.H. 

A bit about the book:

At Christmas, Laura Fleming lived her fantasy adventure. Paid to house-sit for the fabulously wealthy financier, C.W. Banley, while he traveled, she eagerly headed for New York City. As mistress of his elegant townhouse, she baked cookies and dressed the old gent’s richly-furnished residence for the holidays. 

As December rolled around, the lonely, lovely writer eagerly anticipated soaking up the Christmas atmosphere in the grand city. With only the cat for company, she’d turn Banley’s elegant home into a wonderland of sparkling lights, fragrant garland, and shiny tinsel. 
Every year, she wished, in vain, for a happy ending. Will this be the year that Miss Fleming discovers her dreams can come true, even in a big city, like New York? 
A sweet, New York City Christmas Fairy Tale novella. 
CAUTION: As in any fairy tale, there is some violence in this story, and some cursing, as well, but no sex.


Buy it for $2.99 as an ebook, or $5.99 in paperback here: