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Saturday, March 23, 2013


THE WINNER IS CATHY BROCKMAN! Cathy, email me with your snail mail address. CONGRATULATIONS, CATHY!

My characters in the new Hollywood Hearts series named their favorite movie stars and snippets from their books. Pick one of their stars AND name your favorite movie star in a comment with your email address and be entered to win a pair of AMC GOLD movie tickets, good anywhere in the US. Winners outside the US will win their choice of my books. Winner will be drawn Tuesday.
“Whoa! Oh, yes…Harvard M.B.A., right? Harvey told me.” Chaz sat back in his chair again.
“Right.” Meg leaned back, too, folding her arms across her chest.
“Yale School of Drama here. So don’t condescend to me. I’m not a ‘dumb’ actor in love with himself. And you’re dressed pretty hot for a financial advisor with only dollars and cents on her mind. Not that I’m objecting. I love eye candy…great rack, too…” He grinned at her then pulled out his cell phone.

"My favorite movie star, beside myself and Quinn. Oh, real movie stars? Has to be Robert Downey, Jr. for men and Jennifer Lawrence, for women. Jen is hot. Don't tell Meg I said that."
Chaz Duncan
“Andy, black coffee and water for me.” She called out to her assistant seated at a desk near her door. About a gallon; a pint to drink and pour the rest over me before I burst into flame. 
"Favorite living movie star? Josh Duhamel. Don't tell Chaz!"
She’s definitely coming with me. He decided then and there to take Susanna and Junior on his next trip to Los Angeles and anywhere else he needed to go. It’s hard being alone. We’ll be a family until Annemarie returns. He took a deep breath, shuddered slightly, and returned to his list.
"My favorite movie star? Hmm, Errol Flynn -- a great role model. And Sandra Bullock."
Susanna & Quinn
She leaned over to pick up Junior, unconsciously giving Quinn an excellent view of her ample cleavage. His mouth went dry. His fingers tingled. She picked the babbling baby up over her head and cooed at him. Quinn’s stare slowly swept over her breasts and down her flat belly to her hips, ending up sliding down her slim legs. He couldn’t stop a lusty smile from curling his lips."My favorite living movie star? Hugh Jackman, for the man, don't tell Quinn."
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Thursday, March 21, 2013


What is the Hollywood Heart series? 

The Hollywood Hearts series follows people in the movie industry from stars to screenwriters, their lives, loves, predicaments, trials and ultimate solutions that lead to happy endings. Come along for the lively roller coaster ride through these lives, pitched and tossed by publicity and trust issues, love and conflict. There will be six books in the series.   While the books are linked, each book is a stand alone and can be read out of order.
What reviewers & readers are saying about the first 2 books in my new series:
Mylulabug: "What a great, light and romantic read you will enjoy here. A love story full of realistic drama and publicity that comes with being a star..."
 Tobi: "...If I Loved You is a fun romance that sweeps you up and takes you away. With love, vengeance, Ms. Joachim's first female villain this story has the perfect recipe. Meg is smart and sexy and sweeps Chaz right off his feet the moment they meet. I had to force myself to put my kindle up this morning to get some sleep..."
Kathleen: "...Her characters and I became instant friends. They are very real to life and I love that they both have vulnerable sides to them. This book had me laughing out loud and it also made me cry. I love how the characters interact, how caring they are with each other. This book is full of passion. Passion for each other, a passion for life and passion for life long dreams." 
A bit about the book 

Does love always mean total truth? Successfully shunning the limelight was one way for Megan Davis to keep her family secret. The press intruded on her life when her twin brother, Mark, became the star quarterback for the Delaware Demons. Disrespectful of tabloid superstars, financial advisor, Meg, was shocked when she was tapped to launch a celebrity division in the prestigious investment firm, Dillon & Weed. The biggest surprise: the charisma of her first client.
            Gorgeous, magnetic movie star, Chaz Duncan, wary of women who wanted to bask in his fame or sell his secrets to the media, valued privacy above all else. Would attractive Megan Davis, his new financial advisor charm the truth from him or would he continue his high profile but lonely existence to keep his secret safe? Jealousy, deceit and scandal threaten two careers and the quest for true love and trust in this roller-coaster-ride contemporary romance 
Karenirene: "...Her books have substance and are enjoyable. I particularly like that you can't figure out the plot in the first chapter! She keeps you guessing!..."
Guilty Pleasures: "...I really thought when I started this book it was going to be a light, fluffy romance and while it had those elements it has some very serious moments as well. Red Carpet Romance is a well balanced story filled with simmering attraction, angst, unknowing deceit, forgiveness, and"
TVM: "... Love Quinn!!! he sounds so handsome!!! but his true friendship and promises to keep his life and his friends out of the newsbuzz was so awesome. What a story line..."
 A Bit About the Book

Why is gorgeous, rich movie star, Quinn Roberts, sharing his space with a baby he calls “Junior”, if it isn’t his own? Susanna Barnes, his beautiful live-in nanny, can’t figure him out and Quinn refuses to comment. Though wildly attracted to him, his distance from the adorable child puts Susanna off.
Daughter of “Coach Joe”, famous college basketball coach and an assistant art curator at a well-known art museum, Susanna lost it all at the hands of a drunk driver. Her dad was killed and her job given away while she recovered in the hospital.
Forced to find another job, she relies on her experience with her sister’s two kids to show Quinn she can take charge. Their overwhelming mutual heat melts his guarded heart and her reserve until a slip of the tongue shatters his dreams. Will she unravel the mystery of Junior’s birth and will they regain lost trust?   

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Welcome, Sarah. Have a cup of coffee and a cheese Danish. Let's get started...
  1.     Why do you write the genre you write?

It started as a fascination for all things Laura Ingalls.  It grew into an obsession over the clothes of the period…and then expanded into a love of all things old west – from the ugly, nitty gritty- to the proper and prim.

Of course, I have a tendency to not stick with one genre. I have WIP’s in about 5 different genres (some with at least 3 genres that would fit their description).

2.     What does your family say about your writing?

My husband is very proud of me.  He is an insanely huge reader, however he doesn’t read romance, but he’s reading my book (as he can stomach it.  He really doesn’t like romance. Lol).

My teen is proud, I think?  He’s 15, so who knows…

The rest of my family is over the moon.  They’ve all bought it, and I already have a few demands for advanced looks at book 2 (Derailed).

3.     What is the hardest part of being a writer for you?

Tough call – because there are two areas that are difficult for me.

1st is discipline. Actually making myself sit down and work. Write, edit, whatever needs done. I get distracted by the pretty shinies and the internet, etc. I’m a hopeless distraction addict.

2nd is the editing itself. I’ll write until my fingers fall off, but editing hurts. It’s when this goes from the best job in the world to the hardest job in the world.

4.     What’s one piece of advice you give to an aspiring writer?

In the immortal words of Jason Nesmith/Commander Taggart (Galaxy Quest) “Never give up. Never surrender.”

Hehe….sorry, I couldn’t resist.  In all seriousness, I keep saying it, but I’ll say it again.  Don’t think you can do it alone & don’t think you will ever stop learning.  I’m still learning and improving every single day.  And without my support system?  I wouldn’t be here answering this interview with published books on my readers.

5.     Do you open a bottle of wine if you get a bad review?

I haven’t gotten one yet.  Of course, this is my first novel and it’s only a month old, so I’m sure it will happen.  I imagine there will be wine, whine, and a few tears when it happens.  I have enough people to kick my butt that I won’t be allowed to wallow long, but wallowing will happen.

6.     How do you handle rejection?

I laugh in the face of danger. Hahahaha…(Sorry, apparently I’m in a quote-the-movies mode today)

I handle rejection better now than I did a few years back.  I no longer cry at every single one.  Most of them I shrug off and tuck away. I’ve had one or two that got me hopping mad in the last year, actually.  Those I flat out deleted and put on a list to never query again.

 7.     What advice would you give to an aspiring writer who gets rejections?

Don’t take them personally. Everyone gets rejected. Most rejections are form rejections – and those that aren’t should be used as a learning tool. If a rejection really makes you mad?  Find a site that mocks rejections and read for a while.  You’ll laugh, you’ll feel better…Then get back to writing!

8.     What one thing would you change about your writing career?

I would usually say that I would have let go of my first manuscript much sooner…but in the end, my writing career is like my life. I wouldn’t change anything.

9.     Is editing a learning experience for you or a nightmare? Explain.

I plead the fifth. ~ahem~

10.  Paperback or ebook?

Both!  Changing Tracks is in ebook right now, but will go to print in August.  I also have a short story in an anthology called Her Story and that is in ebook & print.  My April release, Masked Hearts will be ebook only. For myself, I love a good paperback…but for space and ease of travel reasons, I also am quite content with ebooks.

11.  Publisher or Self-Publishing?

Well, I love my Publisher.  I think going Self is really tough and you have to do it right (but so many do it wrong); but I’d never rule it out for myself.  I might do it with my first manuscript if I ever find time to dig it out of the moth balls and revise (revision would be required since I sort of stole one of the characters and put him into Changing Tracks. ~ahem~)

12.  How important are your book covers?

So very much important.  I designed the cover for Changing Tracks.  I’m hoping to continue the trend for books 2 & 3 in the series (Derailed & Dark Territory).  Right now I’m anxiously (and excitedly) awaiting the cover for Masked Hearts.  I want the covers to be just right.  I’m not used to having the art out of my control, but I trust Dawne to come up with something amazing for Masked Hearts, which I ran out of time to do myself since I was editing.

For me the cover says everything…and I think the covers of my Dominion Falls series say they aren’t your average romance…and to expect the tragedy that comes…

 1.     What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Vanilla (with lots of toppings – caramel & hot fudge & strawberries)

2.     Favorite meal is…

Same as it’s been all my life – chicken & dumplings.

3.     Name one place you’ve never been that you’re dying to visit.


4.     Your favorite vacation spot is…

What’s a vacation?

5.     First name of the one man or woman who got away.

Don’t have one. Not anymore. I used to think I did, but those rose colored glasses got shattered by clarity.

6.     Favorite color is…

Purple.  And Orange.

7.     Favorite car is…

1969 Camaro

8.     Gourmet meal out or shopping trip?

I like to shop. Most gourmet food doesn’t sit well for me.

9.     What do you do to cheer yourself up if you’re having a bad day?

Watch Galaxy Quest. Read a book. Abuse the crap out of my characters.

10.  Name an embarrassing moment you’ve had in four sentences or less.

In a beauty pageant I admitted that my most embarrassing moment had been peeing my pants in first grade because the teacher wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom when I asked. That became my new most embarrassing moment.


There’s nothing simple about forgetting your past.

Cole Mitchell runs the busiest saloon and brothel in Dominion Falls. He keeps his women at a distance, unwilling to relive a past he worked hard to forget.

Until the night Jane Doe falls into his saloon bleeding and near death.  She wakes with no memory, only the firm belief someone tried to kill her. In the strange world of amnesia she manages to find solace in Cole’s arms and he finds home in hers.

 While they work together to solve the mystery of her appearance, their pasts – her lack of, and his buried – build a barrier between them.

 To make matters worse, Jane’s past isn’t willing to let her go. A stranger proves he’ll kill to keep his secrets safe. With those she loves in danger, Jane’s errant memory is all that stands between them and death.  Cole can only do so much to protect her, will it be enough?

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The muffled din woke her. Shelves of liquor and glasses towered above her toward the ceiling. She took a deep breath and the loose stays of her corset shifted. With another deep breath, she turned her head, spotting Cole sitting a foot away. “Well…”

“You panicked. Daisy says you’re fine. Just needed air. Here.”

Sitting up to take the glass he handed her, she sighed. “Thank you. I’m sorry. I heard you tell me to move. I just couldn’t seem to.”

“I’ll remember that next time.”

“Next time?”

“Once the damn Indians start attacking the town, they ain’t gonna stop.”

“Wonderful.” Lifting her hand to wipe at the moisture lingering on her brow, she saw his eyes fall to her chest. Warmth flooded her cheeks and she took a sip of water to try to quell it before it raced through her whole body.

“Martha’s preaching it’s ‘cause the army took prisoners that weren’t renegades.” The mundane talk meant nothing. He moved closer, ever closer.

“Of course she is.” Jane managed to breathe. She felt like she was losing oxygen again. The closer he came, the more the heat spread, tingling along her chest until her breasts ached from his stare. She set down the glass and reached for the corset. “I should probably—”

“No.” His hand closed over hers. “Don’t.”

“Cole…” Her breath hitched when his finger extended to brush along the edge of the chemise. Skin pebbled, a shiver running down her spine. “Why not?”

“Do you really want me to stop?”

God, no. Not for anything. In an instant she knew nothing she’d read could begin to describe the pleasure possible. She wanted this. She most definitely wanted him.

Her hand relaxed and fell aside, giving him free rein. The delicate fabric of her chemise crumbled under his touch, the calluses on his fingertips catching in the threads. His fingers ran along the curving swell of her breast, teasing.

Unbidden, her back arched to move her closer. Too far. He was too far away. She wanted him closer, though she still wasn’t sure why.

Like he’d read her mind, he slipped off the crate, kneeling in front of her. His lips hovered close to hers. Closer now, he moved his entire hand between fabric and flesh.