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Monday, November 2, 2015


Welcome! This week is picture prompt week. We can only write 300 words. I'm continuing with Sly "Bullhorn" Brodsky's story this week. Hope you enjoy it. Click on the link below to return to Tuesday Tales and the excellent stories that await you there. 

Strolling home from The Savage Beast, they chatted. 
“Don’t like virgins?”
“I prefer my women experienced.”
“Your women? I thought you weren’t a player?”
“I’m not. I don’t mess with virgins. Too many regrets, too many girls thinking it means a marriage proposal. Too complicated.”
“I’m glad we got that out of the way.”
“So am I,” he chuckled, shooting her a sexy look.
“I’m being sarcastic, Sly. How many things do you have like that?”
“Like what?”
“Things that disqualify a woman from dating you.”
“None. I don’t have any.”
“Not true! You just said virgins are out.”
“What the hell’s going on, Sam?”
“It’s just what you said about virgins.”
“I said I’m choosy. I don’t go with just any girl. I’m picky. I don’t want to spend my free time with a girl just for sex. She’s got to be someone I want to talk to, go places with, bring to games. You’re right. I do have a list. Here it is. No virgins, no dumb chicks, no alcoholics, no druggies, no smokers, no animal haters, no kid haters, no prissy girls fooling with their makeup all the time, no girls who spend their days shopping, no mean girls, no gabby girls, no girls who hate football. There. That’s the list. Satisfied?”
His eyes glazed over and his lips compressed into a tight frown. He knit his eyebrows. Samantha held her breath for a moment. She tried to make eye contact, but he appeared a million miles away. Sam picked at a nail. Her mouth got dry and her eyes watered.  

“We don’t have to do this. I can take you home if you don’t want to be with me. I understand. Devon’s done a number on me with you.  I get it. No hard feelings.”


Thank you for coming. Look for more of Bull's story next week.