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Monday, August 31, 2015


Welcome to Tuesday Tales - word prompt "hardy". We are continuing with the story, "Unpredictable Love." Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to click on the link below to return to the great authors at Tuesday Tales. 

As soon as her sister turned on the supportive heat, Jory melted. She always did and knew her little sister was manipulating her. But she was powerless to resist. Ever since their parents were killed in a car crash ten years ago, Jory had taken her silly sister under her wing. They had moved in with their widowed aunt, Nan Edwards, leaving their old world behind.
Jory snatched the envelopes from her sister’s hand with a snort of disgust and returned to the house. Lily waved goodbye and slid behind the wheel of her car.
The sisters moved from New York City. It had been traumatic for the much younger girl, Lily, but Jory's hardy, she had adjusted well. She loved Pine Grove, a small town on Cedar Lake in upstate New York. Lily was a different story. She had dreams of beauty pageants and Hollywood.
Jory, thirty, wrote for the Pine Grove Independent, the local bi-weekly newspaper. It didn’t pay much, but she used her journalism skills learned at Kensington State. The job didn’t take up all her time, giving her time to plant a garden and read. 
Lily worked for the local pharmacy, doing makeovers and hawking makeup for the small store. She didn’t make much money, but had access to tons of new products. She loved her job.
Jory tossed the envelopes on the kitchen table, in front of her aunt, who sat sipping her second mug of coffee.
“She’s done it again. Damn it.”
“Done what?”
“Roped me in.”
“Remember Laura’s drive to get penpals for guys in Afghanistan?”
Nan raised her gaze to Rory.
“Lily signed up.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“She had no intention of writing more than one letter to this guy, Staff Sergeant T. Stevens.”
“That’s not great but not the worst crime either.”
“It is when she signs my name.”
Her aunt sprayed coffee on the table. Her eyes bugged out.
“Oh my God! She signed your name?”
“Yep. And here are three letters from this poor sap, probably wondering why I never answered his first one.” Jory shook her head and tossed a sponge to her aunt.
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