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Monday, May 26, 2014


Welcome back to Tuesday Tales. This week I have another installment in Griff Montgomery's story. Last week we met Leslie Ferraday. She's discovered her ex-husband left the dog when he moved to the West Coast. She's just discovered her dog, Zander, is missing. We meet Leslie and Griff both in this excerpt.This football romance does not have a title yet. Scroll down for the link to
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Leslie walked down Main Street in her small town in Connecticut. Some of the cute shop windows had signs in them. 
The Love-to-Read bookstore had a poster announcing a signing for one of her favorite authors, but Leslie didn’t see it.
She’d been in a daze since she lost Zander, staring out at the world with unseeing brown eyes. A week later and pain still flowed in her veins. Her feet ached from stopping at every lamppost and telephone pole in her neighborhood to tape up a lost dog poster. Exhaustion and depression weighed her down.
A familiar bark drew her attention. Her head snapped up. There, coming down the sidewalk on the other side of the street was a pug who looked an awful lot like Zander. 

He was on a leash held by a tall, handsome man. Leslie’s heart beat doubled. She whispered to herself, Zander.
“Hey!” She called out, but the man didn’t look her way.
“Zander. Zander!” She hollered, her voice getting higher each time. The dog turned and barked. That was all Leslie needed.
She raced into the street. A car making its way to the south end of town, screeched on its brakes.
The man dropped the leash and leapt into the street. He snatched her arm and yanked her out of the way. 
She fell to her knees on the pavement, but didn’t feel the pain because the pug was licking her. She kept repeating his name as tears streamed down her face.  
"Are you okay, lady?” The man asked, grasping her elbow and easing her to her feet. Leslie clutched his arm while her knees trembled. She narrowed her eyes at him.
“You stole my dog,” she said.