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Monday, January 25, 2016


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. The word prompt is "wood". Harley's story continues. Don't forget to zip back and read all the stories on Tuesday Tales. Link below. 


It was the hardest thing Shyla had ever done –putting Harley’s best interest before her own wants and desires. She remained hidden week after week as he squired different women to the glamorous settings she crafted. Harley deserves to find true love.  Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling that that love should come from her.
She had taken to eavesdropping on the girls when Harley was away on dates. The young women hung out at the pool, some in the enormous, wood hot tub, drinking, gossiping and getting to know each other. Alliances were formed and enemies were made.

Shy gulped when she overheard them talking about him like he was a prize, the brass ring on the carousel. She had to snicker to see him objectified by the young ladies. They discussed his looks, especially his body, in detail. Does this happen in his locker room? Is this the way men talk about women? Men are probably cruder. Yet she was surprised at how crude some of the contestants vying for his hand in marriage could be.
Sitting in the shade, a redhead named Cathy, raised a pina colada to her lips.
“He’s on another date with Vanessa,” the blonde, Amber said, taking the lounge chair next to Cathy.  

“I know. That bitch. She’s not here for the right reasons.”
“You can say that again.” The attractive woman flagged down a waiter and ordered a drink.
Shyla sat sipping iced coffee on the other side of the foliage that separated the pool from the hot tub. 

Her producer, Sarah, joined her.
“Listening to them, it’s amazing any of them get chosen,” she said, shaking her head.

“They can be a bit vicious,” Shy agreed.