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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I love flowers. It's hard to pick the prettiest one. Irises keep coming to mind as the most graceful and beautiful of all. I love irises and football romance. So here's a blend of both.  

He's looking to settle down, have a family. A family's the one thing she can't give him. Can a pug named, Spike, bring them together? More about Griff HERE


She left him in the dust and became a
rock star. Now he's a star wide 
receiver. Can they put aside the their differences and recapture their passion from the past? More about Buddy 

A smart, beautiful woman who knows football doesn't walk into Coach Bass's life every day. But can he support her as an equal? And what about that secret he's keeping? What will she do if she finds out? More about Pete HERE.

Fleeing abuse, Stormy runs smack dab into her past. Can she forgive the boy she once loved, now that he's a man?
Can he convince her he's changed? Who's her abuser? Will she spill the truth?  More about Devon HERE

Can a locker room Lothario convince his teammate's sister he's a changed man? Can he live down the escapades he'd bragged about to her brother? Can Samantha handle the dangers of running a shelter for abused women? 
More about Bullhorn HERE

Using football to escape a horrific childhood, Trunk thought he'd set up the perfect life. But not long after his marriage, cracks appear. As his world crumbles, a deep secret he carries may prevent him from rebuilding. He's convinced no woman will ever want him. Maybe he's right. More about Trunk HERE.

Sometimes two people have to lose everything to find their one true love. 
More about Harley HERE.

I hope you've enjoyed these gorgeous iris photos from Big Stock. And maybe I've intrigued you about my football romance books. Irises and football romances, two of my favorite things. 

Thank you for coming. If you want to know more about my books, you can find them all on my website

Please leave a comment. Which iris did you like best? Which book cover?