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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Welcome to my fun blog honoring the World Series. Many unusual things have happened in the World Series throughout the years. There were many firsts and these events give rise to many stupid sports statistics. Let's take a look at these things, see how many you can guess. These trivia questions will be changed on every day of the series. 

Also, you will be treated to quotes from my baseball romance books. See if you can place some of the quotes from my books to the correct character. I guarantee you'll get them all right, and maybe have a good laugh, too. 

So sorry to have been offline. Deadlines are deadly! I'm back. 

Sunday's's Trivia Questions:

Question #1 

Who threw the only no-hitter in the World Series in 1956. What team did he play for?

Question #2

Only once was the World Series MVP awarded to a player on the losing team. Who was it? And what team was he on?

Question #3

Some World Series games were played outside the U.S.A. only once -- in what year --what teams? 

Question #4  from my book 

Who are the three men speaking in this conversation? 

“All I ask is that you not be an asshole. Is that too much?” Man #1 directed his request to Man #2.
“Shut the fuck up,” the catcher said, in a low voice.
Man #3 cracked up. “Sounds reasonable to me.”
“Same goes for you,” Man #2 said, pointing a finger at his friend.
“No stories. No fake names, okay? No hitting on the first woman you see. And, no hitting on Valerie!” Man #3 said.
“Afraid of a little competition?” Man #2 asked.
“I might be if it came from someone like Man #1. But you? Uh, no!”
Man #2 pushed back into the seat and frowned.
Man #1 poked Man #3. “Remember the time he told some chick his name was Pancho Villa?”
“And she didn’t even know who Pancho Villa was, but Jackson wanted to sleep with her anyway,” Man #3 said.
“Until he said he couldn’t speak Spanish. Then, there was no way she was going home with him,” Man #1 croaked out.
“Then, he told her he was a pro baseball player, and she didn’t believe him. Remember what she said?” Man #3 could hardly speak he was laughing so hard.

“Yeah, yeah! She said, and I quote, ‘next you’ll tell me you’re George Bush’.”
Which men are talking in that conversation? 

1) Huey, Dewey and Louie?
2) Jake Lawrence, Third Base, Matt Jackson, Catcher, and Dan Alexander, Pitcher?
3) Dewey, Cheatum and Howe? 


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#1   Don Larson - New York Yankees.

#2  Bobby Richardson - New York Yankees, too.

#3   1992 - Between The Toronto Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves.

#4    Jake, Matt, and Dan -- of course!

Thanks for coming. Please return again on the next game day for new questions. 

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