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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample of "The Love List"

Here is a sample of my newest release that came out yesterday, "The Love List".

Carrie stared at her left hand. The brand-new, three-carat diamond resting on her fourth finger twinkled its brilliance and clarity at her, reminding her of her engagement, now three days old. Grey sat on the window seat in front of a bird feeder and pulled her onto his lap.
There’s food in the feeder. Are there still birds this far north in November? Haven’t they all migrated by now?
Neither one spoke but Grey slipped his arm around her waist, steadying her and she rested her head against his shoulder.
“Come on,” he said, easing her off his lap, taking her hand and leading her to the back door.
They pulled on down parkas and gloves, Carrie tucked her shoulder-length streaked blonde hair under a knitted hat. The early risers trudged out into the cold where their shoes crunched on the thin layer of frozen snow. Their breath hung suspended in the frigid air. Grey took her hand again and she followed him down a well-worn path to the lake. The bright sunshine bouncing off the frozen water peeked through gaps in the trees, blinding her temporarily. She could see the thick ice on the lake and a smile came to her lips.
“Let’s go,” she said, pulling on Grey’s hand to increase their speed and moving out onto the frozen surface.
A sudden sharp tug on her hand pulled her back with a jerk.
“No!” Grey hollered at her, folding his arms around her so she couldn’t move.
Carrie looked up at him and raised her eyebrows. “Grey? What the…”
“Don’t go there.” He tightened his grip, his mouth set in a grim line.
“But it’s frozen solid. And it’s so much fun to walk on a frozen lake.”
“It isn’t frozen solid.”
“It is. Look,” she said, squirming to get away but unable to shake off his firm grip.
“No, no, no Carrie.” His eyes shone as he held her still, and she watched him blink back tears.
“The ice, it’s wrong. It looks frozen but it isn’t. When I was eight, my best friend, Tom, dared me to go out on the ice. I refused and tried to keep him from going but he wouldn’t listen. He fell through and died before I could get help.”
Carrie hugged him, her cheek on his chest. She moved back a step and looked into his eyes, catching a glimpse of the frightened little boy he was on that horrible day. What a terrifying experience! Her heart melted.
 “I’m so sorry. I won’t go there. I promise.”
He leaned his head on hers and closed his eyes. “I couldn’t stand to lose you, too. I love you so much,” he whispered.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012



I am fortunate to have two books published by Secret Cravings and a third one under contract. They are a great company with awesome authors. Here is my contest:

Unscramble ONE name of four of the characters in my books and you are eligible to win! Two winners will be selected to pick their choice of either, Now and Forever 1, a Love Story or Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny!
Leave your answer in a comment with your email. You're comment will automatically enter for the grand prize of the bloghop,  KINDLE FIRE, to be given by Secret Cravings Publishing and the second prize, an Amazon gift card. Don't forget to leave a comment and your email addy! Even if you can't unscramble a name, leave your name and email addy in a comment anyway. 

Scramble names from Now and Forever 1 are:
1.  Cam
2. Laclie
One of my favorite excerpts from the book is:

Mac enjoyed talking to Callie. She listened carefully, showing sympathy for him when called for and asking pertinent questions. Her lovely face took on a new glow of animation when she talked about Jason. The evening ended pleasantly. He paid her, thanked her and they lingered at the door. Mac wanted to kiss her, but how can you kiss someone who you just paid? Callie stood dangerously close to him, looking up into his eyes, making him feel like she wanted him to kiss her too but then stepped away from him, toward the door. They said an awkward goodnight, with both standing too long at the door, unsure of what to do.

Callie turned, slipped under his arm holding the door open, glided through the doorway and waved goodbye as she went down the walk. Mac gazed at her walking down the path, noticing the gentle sway of her skirt, the slim outline of her hips. He remembered the soft pink of her lips—he wanted to scoop her up into his arms and kiss her. He didn't know what to make of this young woman, at once so shy and remote-then so competent and caring. He knew there was more to her than met the eye and he‘d enjoy finding out what made her tick.
Callie felt happy for the first time in ages, smiling as she walked the ten blocks to her small room. She got undressed and pulled out a textbook to get some reading in before bed, though it was hard to concentrate. When she finally turned out the light, she couldn‘t stop grinning. Callie couldn‘t deny her attraction to Mac any longer. His presence made her tingle. Tonight she stared at his lips, sure he was going to kiss her then unsure if she should, she quickly slipped out the door before he got the hint.

Scrambled names from Now and Forever 2 are:
3. Nadny
4. Ziela
One of my favorite excerpts from Now and Forever 2 is:
“What about your parents?”
“After my parents went to prison, Kyle became my guardian. We were only kids ourselves, nineteen and thirteen years old. He worked at a garage fixing cars and rented a trailer for us. Callie came over all the time, she acted like my sister. When I went to college, Kyle joined the Army, like he always wanted. But he died before he could marry Callie or see me graduate…with honors,” Danny said, looking down at his hands, struggling to control his voice.
“How awful to lose Kyle, when you needed him most,” she said, sympathetically, looking up into his eyes, curling her fingers around his hand and squeezing.
“I can’t remember not needing him. The same must be true for you,” he said.
“I was so lost, I disappeared into bed…”
“Bed? You were sleeping around?” Danny asked as his eyebrows shot up.
“I spent too much time sleeping. Being tired all the time, I could barely move. Jonesy and Mac forced me to get up in the morning, pushed me out of the house. Still, I had to learn to put one foot in front of the other by myself.”
“You seem to be doing well.”
“I worked hard, which paid off. I still have hard days…lonely days,” she said and their eyes connected.
Danny took her hand, kissed it and threaded his fingers through hers.
“I got angry after Kyle died. I decided to go to Iraq myself…to even the score.”
“Weren’t you scared?”
“Terrified. But don’t tell anyone,” he confessed, smiling, staring into the candle.
“Being so alone terrified me. And nights at home alone in bed…”
“…you missed that, too,” he finished for her, as a beautiful pink blush stained her cheeks.
“Yes,” she admitted, looking directly into the candle’s flame.
“What about Simon?” he probed, studying her face.
“He’s a poor replacement. He’s pleasant enough…”
“Doesn’t sound like a love match.”
“When you’re lonely…and a man comes along,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.
“Are you in love with him?” Danny asked, holding his breath, waiting for her reaction, a queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.
“Simon? No. Absolutely not. He’s…you know…someone to go to the movies with, to take to school functions so I don’t have to go alone.”
“What about the…uh…sleeping arrangements with him?” he asked, embarrassed but unable to deny his curiosity.
“Oh!” Eliza turned beet red this time and looked down at her hands.
“I don’t mean to pry, but…”
“I wouldn’t miss him like I miss Bill. I don’t know how I should explain.”
“I get the idea. He’s not much in the sack,” he said, bluntly, his gaze seeking hers.
“Not exactly,” she said, her hands twisting the cloth napkin.
“A beautiful woman like you deserves more.” He saw her eyes widen as he rested his hand over hers, calming her.
Her hands stopped, he closed his fingers around hers and she lifted her eyes to his.
“You’re right,” she said, hunger evident in her gaze.
“You deserve a man who can send you to the moon,” he murmured. He gazed at her face, lovely in the candle glow.

Both books are available on the SCP website( and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks and Bookstrand.

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