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Thursday, May 1, 2014


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Scroll down for the link back to the other blogs in this hop. First, meet the men from my newest series, The Manhattan Dinner Club. Leave a comment &your email address and be entered to win your choice of any of my books. I will pick 2 winners Sunday night at eleven. 

This is Dr. Hack Roberts. He accidentally mows Rory Sampson down with his bike in Central Park, breaking her arm and her pug, Baxter's, leg.  He's a handsome, smug, veterinarian who comes up against a sarcastic, smart woman. Who will win this contest of wills? Or will mutual attraction trump hostility? Find out in RESCUE MY HEART.

 Meet. Whitfield Bass, broadcast journalist and player. He's got a different model on his arm every Saturday night. Then he moves across the hall from beautiful, baker extraordinaire, Bess Cooper. Will the tempting lady across the hall cook up more than mocha cake with the gorgeous, damaged, marriage-phobe? Find out in SEDUCING HIS HEART.

Meet Preston Carpenter, screenwriter. He's crushing on Brooke Felson, Ruth Quincy's sexy granddaughter. But Brooke only has eyes for a successful, Mr. Corporate America. Pres is not in her league, until her life falls apart. Being there to help her pick up the pieces gives him center stage. But will the call of Hollywood break up his play for her?  Find out in SHINE YOUR LOVE ON ME. (Releasing May 9)

Remember to leave your email address. I can't pick you to win if I don't have that. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Monday, April 28, 2014


Welcome, thanks for stopping by. This week is a continuation of a new football romance. There's no title yet. Scroll down to get back to Tuesday Tales.  
 After practice, Griff sat on a bench in the locker room, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. He pulled out his cell phone and sent a text to Lynn, his Los Angeles girlfriend.

            Flying in Thursday night. You free Friday or Saturday?

“Texting that chick in L.A. with the big tits?”  Defenseman Lance Corcoran sprayed deodorant under his arms as he spoke to the quarterback.
“Like that’s any of your business.”
“Just wondering if she has a friend. One who wears the same bra size.”
“Like I’d ever let a normal girl near you, weirdo. Fuck off.”
“Keeping all the good stuff to yourself?”
“She’s not ‘stuff’, asshole.”
“Ask him in Minneapolis, Miami, Seattle or Dallas. He’s got girls in every city,” Teammate Buddy Stoddard said.
“Impressive, Montgomery.”
“Yeah, whatever.” Griff finished dressing, combed his hair then headed for the parking lot.
He’d have a hot night of good sex with Lynn, but that's all. She had been getting too clingy. Lynn wasn’t his type. She was okay for a bed buddy, but not a lifetime. A ding on his phone interrupted his thoughts.    

            How about both nights?

He cringed. Could he spend two nights listening to Lynn prattle on about clothes, movie stars and gossip? 
     Fine. Pick a movie. I’ll text you from the hotel.

He shut his phone. A movie will keep her quiet. It’s been a long time. As he drove home, Griff admitted to himself that continuing his old lifestyle without his family didn’t make sense. He needed more. He needed his own woman. Fulltime. In his bed. In his kitchen. In his life. And he needed his own kids.
Feeling restless, Griff went for a run. As he rounded the bend, he heard a noise. He slowed down to cool off and stopped when he heard scratching and a whimper. There was a small dog at the back door of what appeared to be an empty house. When Griff approached the property, the pug turned and growled a warning.


Sunday, April 27, 2014


Daffodils are among my favorites. They are always the precursors of spring along with crocuses and snow drops. Here are some spring flower pictures, taken this spring, to brighten your day.


These pictures were taken mostly in Central Park. Many are 9/11 daffodils, from bulbs given to NYC by Holland after the 9/11 tragedy. A fitting living memorial. Are daffodils a favorite with you, too? Comments are always welcome.

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