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Monday, July 8, 2013


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. More of Rory & Hack.
"The Rescued Heart"

After two months of working with Hack on a new book, Rory decided it was over. There was no way she could sit there and focus on work after what had happened between them. The pain of being hopelessly in love with someone who didn’t or couldn’t love you back was overwhelming. 
Rory’s hand shook as she dialed the vet clinic. When she was told he was with a patient, she left a message.

“Please tell him his debt to me is fulfilled. He doesn’t need to type for me anymore.”

The woman read the message back to her then Rory hung up. I’m not going to cry. Yeah, right.

She sniffled, grabbed a tissue and returned to her computer. She pulled up her manuscript, For the Love of Baxter and after a long sigh, started pecking out words with one hand. The ache in her heart didn’t stop as she was writing her love story, but she didn’t notice it as much. After one scene, she put the kettle on and settled next to Baxter on the sofa, waiting for the water to boil.

             Her gaze fell on her phone, hoping against hope that it would ring. And it would be Hack. And he’d say how much he loved me and how he’d broken off with Miss Splinter. And how he wanted to spend the rest of his life making love to me. But the phone didn’t ring. 
 She poured her tea and almost burned herself when the familiar ring diverted her attention. She dove for the phone, but disappointment fell on her like a thick fog when she read her friend, Bess Stuart's, number in the display. 
“Get dressed, we’re taking you out to lunch.”
“We’re the Monday night dinner club, not the Wednesday afternoon lunch club.”
“We agreed this is an emergency and you need food. So get dressed. We’ll be there in fifteen minutes. And no backtalk!” Bess hung up as Rory opened her mouth to protest.
A rueful grin spread across her face. God Bless the Club. She turned on the shower and stuffed her hair in a shower cap. She didn’t hear the phone ringing. After her shower, she only had a few minutes to dress before her friends were buzzing.  No time to check her phone. Bess flagged down a taxi and they headed downtown to La Mer Bleu, for fish, French style.

After two Cosmos, the women were giggling and whispering salacious comments about some of the other patrons. Rory glanced at her phone. Two missed calls. Both from Hack. She gasped. Tears welled up in her eyes as she signaled for silence at the table.

Her hand trembled as she waited for him to answer. 
 To be continued....
Only a few more episodes before this story is pulled from Tuesday Tales to leave some surprises when it comes out as a book in January, 2014. Thank you so much for your support. Rory and Hack are pleased to have fans.