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Monday, September 26, 2016


Welcome! This week is picture prompt week. We're in Maggie's Story, still. Scroll down for the link back to Tuesday Tales and the excellent stories there. Thanks for stopping by. 


Maggie slipped into John’s bed. Now that they were engaged, the Roberts’ didn’t mind them sleeping together. Plans were underway to add a door and connect the two bedrooms so they could have a sitting room.
            John slid in next to her.
            “Okay, Maggie, what did you want to tell me?”
            She picked at the trim on her new nightgown, her head bowed. Facing him was more than she could do.
            “Out with it. You’re sitting there, so pretty.” He took her hand in his.
            “It’s not that easy.”
            “Nothing you could say would make a difference. I love you, girl.”
            “Don’t be so quick to say that.”
            “Please, Maggie.”
            “Okay, then. Well. I was sent here on purpose.”
            “To find work, right?”
            “Yes and no. I’d done something at home.”
            “Done something?”
            “Disgraced my family. When I was sent here, it was clear there was no going back.”
            John was quiet. He increased the pressure on her hand.
            Maggie took a shuddering breath. She’s sworn to herself she’d never admit this to anyone. Now she was taking a big chance he wouldn’t want her anymore.
            “I’d had a beau,” she said, stopping to clear her throat.
            “Go on.”
            “Edward. Eddie he was.”
            John nodded, his eyes hooded.
            “Well, we made a mistake. We goofed.”
            “I got pregnant.” She stopped when she heard his intake of breath.
            “What happened to it?”
            “Me dad and mum made me get rid of it.” The sting of tears had her blinking.
            “You had an abortion?”
            Unable to say the word, she nodded.
            “Fuckin’ damn,” he said shaking his head.
            “Told ya it was bad,” she said. “He’d be about little Penn’s age by now, I imagine.”

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