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Monday, April 6, 2015


Welcome to Tuesday Tales. The word prompt is "speak." I am continuing Maggie's story this week. Thank you for stopping by. Don't forget to return and read the wonderful stories by other writers.

After her encounter with Anne Roberts, Maggie bounced out of bed each day, hoping to run into the woman and her baby. She’d meet Burt in the kitchen.
“Say, Burt, can you find out how long someone’s going to be in the hotel?”
“Why? What for?” He narrowed his eyes.
“Nothing. Just there’s this woman with her baby. And, well, she asked me to help. The lad was crying and I…”
“You’re not supposed to mix with the guests, Maggie. I thought I made that clear.”
“Mr. Wiggins said if a guest needs something, we should provide it,” she said, sticking out her chin. “The woman’s child wouldn’t stop crying. She asked me for help.”
That’s the way, girl. Speak up for yourself.
“So, what did you do?” He raised an eyebrow.
“I patted the laddie on my shoulder a bit and he burped. Tears stopped.”
“Bet she was grateful.”
“She was. So I was wondering if you could find out how long she’s stayin’?”
“Maybe I can and maybe I can’t.” He leaned over a little closer to her. “But a little kiss might be just the ticket to get you what you want.”
Maggie shoved him away. “Burt McFarland! Shame on you! Get away from me.”
“Pretty high and mighty for a maid, Missy.”
“Leave me alone. I don’t need your help.”
“Fine, then. Get your own arse to work.” He huffed out the door.
Maggie picked up her sweater and purse, then headed for the subway. When she arrived at the hotel, she stopped at the front desk.
“Alex. Can you tell me how long Mrs. Anne Roberts is staying?”

The young man smiled at her. “For you,
Maggie, anything.” He flipped through a large book on the counter.
“Hmm. Seems she’s here for two months.
Not leaving until the fifteenth of July.”
Maggie grinned at him, her heart lifted. “Thanks, Alex.”
“You have dealings with her?” He knitted his brows.
“Just helped her with her baby for a moment. She’s a nice lady.
Thought I might look in on her when I have time and see if she needs anything.”
“That’s the spirit, Maggie,” Mr. Wiggins said, as he came around the corner. “Wish we had more employees like you.”
“Thank you, sir.”
Maggie went to her locker and changed into her uniform. As she pushed her cart down the hall, she heard a soft voice calling.
“Maggie?” Turning her head, the maid spied Anne Roberts in the doorway of her suite, motioning for Maggie to join her.
“He’s sleeping,” she whispered. “Thought you might like to see him when he’s calm.”
Maggie peeked in at the infant. “He’s beautiful. What's his name?”

“Penn. After his grandfather.”
“Perfect. Unusual name for an unusual boy.”
“His father is off closing a deal this morning, so Penn and I are alone.”
“I’m around if you need me, Missus.”
Anne patted her shoulder. “Thank you. That’s very comforting. You’re much more help than Mr. Roberts.”
She smiled.
“My pleasure, Missus. My pleasure.”
Maggie couldn’t take her eyes off the little boy. He’d won her heart in an instant. And he’d be here for another month and a half. Happiness flowed through the young woman as she leaned against the door jamb.