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Friday, March 8, 2013



Welcome dessert loving readers. I'm sharing a few dessert secrets with you while I introduce you to my new book series, Hollywood Hearts. In honor of the new series, I'm giving away two AMC GOLD EXPERIENCE MOVIE TIX good FOR ANY MOVIE, ANY TIME, ANYWHERE in the United States. Or you can have your choice of any one of my books. People abroad can have their choice of any one of my books. 

Tell me who your favorite movie star is in a comment with your email address to be entered into the giveaway. I'll announce the winner on Sunday night at 9pm.

IF I LOVED YOU                         Does love always mean total truth? Successfully shunning the limelight, Megan Davis kept her family secret safe. Disrespectful of tabloid superstars, Meg was shocked when selected to launch a celebrity division in her investment firm. Gorgeous, magnetic movie star, Chaz Duncan valued privacy above all else. Drawn to Megan for more than financial advice, will he share a secret or continue his high profile but lonely existence? Jealousy, deceit and scandal threaten two careers and the quest for true love and trust in this roller-coaster-ride contemporary romance.  BUY LINKS (all sites/formats)
To make the perfect pumpkin pie, use the recipe on the can of pumpkin with these changes: Use heavy cream instead of evaporated milk. Double the spices. And your pie will get a standing ovation!  

Why is gorgeous movie star, Quinn Roberts, sharing his space with a baby he calls “Junior”, if it isn’t his own? Susanna Barnes, live-in nanny, can’t figure him out. Overwhelming mutual heat melts his guarded heart and her reserve until a slip of the tongue shatters his dreams. Will she unravel the mystery of Junior’s birth and will they regain lost trust?   
BUY LINKS (all sites/formats)

These secrets will have people holler "Bravo" and give you rave reviews for your brownies. Start with two Duncan Hines Brownie Mixes. Substitute melted butter for the oil. Use whole milk instead of water. Use three eggs, half way between # of eggs for fudgie/chewy and cake-like brownies. Then be sure NOT to overcook them! Five curtain calls, guaranteed!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


ADORA SMUTA , back by popular demand and cleared of all lawsuits, is interviewing Chaz Duncan, hero of IF I LOVED YOU. Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be one bumpy ride!

 Adora: Chaz Duncan, finally! I’ve been dying to get my hands on you for a long time.

Chaz: Hey, Adora, a handshake will do. *eases out of her embrace*. We’re on camera, Adora, take it easy.

Adora: Oh, yes. Pardon me. *blushes*. Tell me, Chaz, in the book IF I LOVED YOU, you talked about screwing around in your early days in theater then getting burned. Would you like to elaborate on that? *flutters her eyelashes*.

Chaz: Hell no! You’re kidding right?

Adora: I’m never kidding. Everyone knows I have no sense of humor. My readers want to know about your sex life. All the details. And a gorgeous hunk like you must have much to tell.

Chaz: What the hell? I thought this interview was supposed to be about the book?

Adora: It is. You mentioned this in the book. Your mistake. Jean knows that anything in the book is fair game.

Chaz: *runs his finger around his collar* She never told me that.

Adora: If you don’t want to talk about that, how about telling us about Meg.

Chaz: *brightens* The love of my life. Sure, what do you want to know?

Adora: *evil smile* What’s her favorite position in the bedroom?

Chaz: What? Wait a minute…

Adora: You asked what I wanted to know and I want to know that. So do all my fans out there, right? *turns to face the audience*

Chaz: Now wait a minute…I’m not a kiss and tell kind of guy.

Adora: Who’s talking about kissing? But if you want to tell us how long it took you to French her, well, I won’t object.

Chaz: *blushes* What? No, no I never said anything about kissing.

Adora: You certainly did. Scroll down a few lines, Chaz.

Chaz: This interview isn’t anything like Jean said.

Adora: Ah, Jean lies. All the time. That’s how she gets sexy men like you to come here for an interview.

Chaz: JEAN! Where are you? Come out here, dammit! *makes a fist*.

Adora: We could continue this interview in private…it’s getting hot in here. I hope you don’t mind if I get comfortable? *unbuttons blouse*

Chaz: Jean, I’ll get you for this. I’m outta here. *pushes to his feet and runs to the door.*

Adora: Gee, was it something I said?
 If you like Adora's interview, please leave a comment. She gets insecure. Don't believe it? Well, I tried. 

Monday, March 4, 2013


Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. Here's another installment of FINDING LOVE IN SANTA'S WORKSHOP. For those who've been following this story, you'll find out who was behind the door today.  And you'll get a few hunky pics of what Will would look like if he had blue eyes!
 Giselle stood up, wiping her eyes with the heels of her hands before she opened the door. Will stepped in. “Bullshit!” She staggered back as if he'd hit her.
“I’m the same man. Do you want to know the truth? I’ll tell you. Then tell me you don’t want to start over.” He took her hand and pulled her into the living room. She plopped down on the sofa next to him.
“When you left, picked your job over me, I was…crushed.” He fiddled with the zipper on his jacket.
“Go on.”
“I wanted to marry you. I even bought the ring. Then, whammo! You were gone. I was...destroyed.”
“Didn’t take long for you to find someone else and marry her, Mr. Destroyed. You moved on quickly.” She pursed her lips, a bit green with envy.
He ran his hand through his hair. “How do you know? You weren’t here. Ask my parents. Ask anyone.”
“How did you end up married so soon after I left?”  
“I wouldn’t call six months so soon.”
She arched an eyebrow at him. 
“Okay, okay. I went to Homer’s on a Friday night. I got drunk, Jane got drunk –we went home together. Neither one of us remembered much the next day. We went out a few times, then she found out she was pregnant.”
“So you married her?”
“I did the right thing. It’s not like you were around anyway.”

Giselle looked down at her hands. “I never heard that story.”
“Didn’t exactly put that in the newpaper.” His brow furrowed.
“You had bought a ring for me?” She looked up at him.
“Yeah. Still have it, too.”
“You didn’t give it to Jane?” He shook his head.
“Oh.” Tears began to flow again. Will pulled a handkerchief out of his back pocket and handed it to Giselle.
“I didn’t know. I thought you’d wait. When you didn’t I was crushed, too.”
“Yeah?” He raised an eyebrow.
“I cried every night for weeks and weeks when I found out you were married,” she whispered before emotion caught in her throat.
“Why did you come back?” He stared hard at her.
“I had to take care of the estate.”
“But you didn’t have to buy this little house and run Santa’s Thrift Shop. Truth.” He crossed his arms.
“It was only the estate and pressure from neighbors until Bobby told me he had no mom. Then I wondered if we could rekindle the flame.”
“When I saw you at Thanksgiving, sitting in the window at the Andrews house…”
“I didn’t know what to think…no, that’s a lie. I knew I still loved you.”
“Why didn’t you come to me?” She put her hand on his arm.
“Hell, five years…for all I knew you’d married a sheik.”

She shook her head slowly.
“By the time I found out you were single, you were working away on your computer every night.”
“I figured you were still married to your job…with no room for me. I couldn’t do a second rejection from you.”
“That’s why you were mean to me?”
“To drive you away. And it worked. Every time I turned around, there you were. And there I was, wanting you…more than ever. A second chance. Hell I couldn’t...”
“But you hurt me.”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t think you cared.”
“I did. I do.” She placed her hand on his.
“What about that crap in the car?”
“Just said it to make you mad…see if you still...”
“Why you… tryin’ to break my heart again! I ought to put you over my lap and spank you!”
“Just you try, Mister,” Giselle put up her small fists.
Will grabbed both together in one of his big hands. He pushed them up over her head while he lowered his lips to hers for a gentle kiss. Giselle pulled back.“You have a lot to make up for.” Will let go of her hands. “Stay in Pine Grove. Work at home. Let me spend the rest of my life making it up to you,” he whispered in her ear.