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Monday, December 14, 2015


    Welcome! Thanks for coming. Trunk Mahoney's story continues. The word prompt this week is "Pretty" -- watch for our Christmas stories. 


The heat from the grill was nothing compared to the heat in her body from Trunk’s news. He was like a magnet, drawing her to him for the past two years. The way his shirt pulled over his wide shoulders, his lean waist, powerful biceps, and what she guessed were tight abs, invaded her dreams at night. Of course he had a cute butt which she tried not to notice. A couple of times he’d caught her checking him out. She always had a snappy retort that made him laugh. But she saw the lusty light in his eyes and it made her shiver.
She remembered the first day he came in. She’d been joking with Griff Montgomery that he never brought his attractive teammates in for a beer. Then Trunk Mahoney walked through the door and Carla couldn’t speak. Her mouth got dry. His powerful body, barely concealed in tight jeans and T-shirt coupled with his confident swagger had made her knees weak.
He flashed a sexy grin and raked her body with a smoldering gaze from beautiful, light blue eyes. If he had ripped the clothing from her, she couldn’t have felt more naked. Trunk Mahoney was sex on wheels, and she wanted him, until she checked out his left hand. 
There it was, colossal mood killer–his wedding ring. Carla had locked her feelings up and swallowed the key. Her ‘no touch’ policy applied to all married men, no matter how attractive they were. And that included Al Mahoney.
That’s all she needed, an affair with a married man. Like life wasn’t hard enough trying to keep the bar open and her head above water financially. Every month was a struggle. She thanked God for football season as the team filled her place several nights a week. But after the Super Bowl, a dry season for The Savage Beast set in. The men and their women scattered, along with the townsfolk who had enjoyed mingling with the team. Business was pretty much reduced from a race to a crawl. Even Betty, who played piano and sang on Friday and Saturday nights, didn’t draw a lucrative crowd. 
Carla kept her secret, cutting back on expenses, holding on to every penny when the place was hot. She gave up her apartment and lived above the bar to save money. Trunk’s rent money would be a lifesaver, even if it was only for one or two months. She’d put it away to help pay the mortgage on the building when the cash register stopped ringing.

She’d let him break through to the buddy circle in her heart, greeting him with a friendly slap on the back or a sharp insult meant in jest. They were friends –without benefits. Now he wasn’t married anymore and the barrier she had erected between them began to crack. 
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