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Monday, April 28, 2014


Welcome, thanks for stopping by. This week is a continuation of a new football romance. There's no title yet. Scroll down to get back to Tuesday Tales.  
 After practice, Griff sat on a bench in the locker room, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. He pulled out his cell phone and sent a text to Lynn, his Los Angeles girlfriend.

            Flying in Thursday night. You free Friday or Saturday?

“Texting that chick in L.A. with the big tits?”  Defenseman Lance Corcoran sprayed deodorant under his arms as he spoke to the quarterback.
“Like that’s any of your business.”
“Just wondering if she has a friend. One who wears the same bra size.”
“Like I’d ever let a normal girl near you, weirdo. Fuck off.”
“Keeping all the good stuff to yourself?”
“She’s not ‘stuff’, asshole.”
“Ask him in Minneapolis, Miami, Seattle or Dallas. He’s got girls in every city,” Teammate Buddy Stoddard said.
“Impressive, Montgomery.”
“Yeah, whatever.” Griff finished dressing, combed his hair then headed for the parking lot.
He’d have a hot night of good sex with Lynn, but that's all. She had been getting too clingy. Lynn wasn’t his type. She was okay for a bed buddy, but not a lifetime. A ding on his phone interrupted his thoughts.    

            How about both nights?

He cringed. Could he spend two nights listening to Lynn prattle on about clothes, movie stars and gossip? 
     Fine. Pick a movie. I’ll text you from the hotel.

He shut his phone. A movie will keep her quiet. It’s been a long time. As he drove home, Griff admitted to himself that continuing his old lifestyle without his family didn’t make sense. He needed more. He needed his own woman. Fulltime. In his bed. In his kitchen. In his life. And he needed his own kids.
Feeling restless, Griff went for a run. As he rounded the bend, he heard a noise. He slowed down to cool off and stopped when he heard scratching and a whimper. There was a small dog at the back door of what appeared to be an empty house. When Griff approached the property, the pug turned and growled a warning.



Lindsay said...

Love how he wants a lady who will make him happy to the pug. Great transition

V.L. Locey said...

I love how he`s seeing the emptiness of his life, and then Fate seems to hand him a companion. Well done!

kathleen ball said...

That's how some men think

trishafaye said...

Wonderful, as usual. Great new story. And there's that pug!
(Although I guess I'm glad I'm not hot enough to date a football player lol)

Jillian said...

love the interaction at the beginning with the men- very authentic!

And I love that he's seeing the holes in his own life.

Iris Blobel said...

I like the way he thinks ... I wonder whether he has the woman from the other week in mind ;-)

morgan said...

A, that's a surprise. :)

S.E said...

I'm glad I don't know any guys like that.